The new books about culture and art of Uzbekistan saw the light in 2004.


Nigora Ahmedova. Painting of Central Asia in the 20th century: traditions, originality, dialogue (formation and development). Tashkent.
This is the first monograph in CIS summarizing the art processes in Central Asian painting of the 20th century. The author specified the stages of the art process, analyzed the works of some outstanding artists and revealed the features of historical and cultural transformations of art on the basis of modern methodology. The works of leading experts in culturology, historians of art and art critics were involved to reveal the general laws and specific features of Central Asian art.
In Russian language.

Oriental Miniatures. The 19th-beginning of the 20th cc. V.III.

Unlike the first two volumes (V. I. The 14th — 17th cc., Tashkent, 2001;
V.II. The 18th — 19th cc., Tashkent, 2003 ), the last volume consists of two parts.
The first part. of «Catalogue of Miniatures of the end of the 19th century» includes the late miniatures from the collection of Fine Arts Scientific Research Institute of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. The introduction was prepared by A. Madraimov. The large article of art critics E.Gyul and Sh. Shoyakubov in the second part «Miniature art of the 20th century» touches upon the different aspects of revival and development of miniature painting traditions today. The article covers also such topics as «Miniature painting in the first half of the 20th c.», «Revival of lacquer miniature», «Miniature on the paper», «Traditions and innovations», «Ornament and calligraphy», «Miniature traditions in wall painting», «Poetics and semantics of the miniature» and «Creative problems of miniature development». The illustrations expose the evolution of the miniature and its spectrum, formed in the 20th c.
In English language.

Tavrih wa madaniyat. History and culture.
The book of articles from the set «Culture of Central Asia in written sources and documents» was prepared by the colleagues and students of Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Edward Rtveladze in honour of his 60th — anniversary in 2002.
More than 60 articles correspondent to the major directions of E. Rtveladze’s scientific activity formed the following sections:
I. Archeology and History of Arts;
II. Ancient and Medieval History;
III. Numismatics and epigraphy;
IV. Architecture and Town-planning;
V. History of Religion;
VI. Musicology;
VII. Modern history, historiography.
The book has the annexes giving the biography of the prominent scientist, the list of his expeditions, scientific and popular works and reviews.
The book is richly illustrated.
In Uzbek, Russian and English languages.