Magazine “San’at” (Art)

The magazine was created in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan “About the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan” from March 11, 1997. The Statement of the Cabinet of Ministers “About additional measures on registration of mass media in the Republic of Uzbekistan” from April 3, 1997 regulates the operation of the magazine.

Founder – the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.
Magazine is issued quarterly in Uzbek, Russian and English languages.
It informs readers on unique ancient monuments, traditional folk arts and crafts of Uzbekistan. History of architecture and painting, design and music, theatre and cinema find reflection on its pages. One of the columns is devoted to the international contacts in the field of culture and art. The readers can get information about important cultural events in foreign countries, international exhibitions and contacts of Uzbekistan artists with their foreign colleagues.

Magazine is an original indicator, revealing a level of art criticism in different fields of art. A series of articles touches upon topical problems of the study of traditional Uzbek lifestyle, culture and folk crafts. Interesting are analytic articles about contemporary painting, sculpture, design and avant-garde directions.

The Editorial Board:

  • takes part in organization of exhibitions in the republic and abroad;
  • takes part in organization of international art meetings, seminars and conferences;
  • publishes booklets, cards, invitation cards, supplement to the magazine, albums, scientific books, catalogues, etc;

The Editorial Board develops contacts with foreign colleagues, willingly cooperates with all interested persons and considers any materials irrespectively of authors’ point of view. It offers services on publication of art works and advertising to organizations and private persons.