Galina Anatolievna Pugachenkova will accomplish 90 years
on February 7, 2005

G.A. Pugachenkova has been engaged in the research of art culture of Central Asia and neighbouring countries for 60 years. The number of her scientific publications exceeds 600. Many of them were published in English, French, German, Italian and the other languages. We could say that her monographs, albums and articles are dateless. G. Pugachenkova studied the Central Asian civilization from universal and eternal positions but not from definite social or national. In 1959 she established the Uzbekistan Art Expedition at Fine Arts Scientific Research Institute, which discovered the whole continent of original culture and acquainted the world community with Uzbekistan. She has many followers and students throughout the world.

G.A. Pugachenkova is Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Academician of the International Academy of Architecture of the East, Honorary Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Tadjikistan, corresponding member of German Archaeological Institute, corresponding member of Institute of Middle and Near East and Honorary Doctor of Strasbourg University (France).

G. Pugachenkova was awarded the orders and medals of different countries. She was awarded the medal «For noble work», the order of Labour Red Banner and the order of «Dustlik» of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Galina Anatolievna is the only scientist in Uzbekistan awarded the order of «Academic Palms» (1995, France). This order was founded at Napoleon and is given to scientists and art workers for achievements in the field of human sciences. G.Pugachenkova is the laureate of the state prizes after the name Beruni and Khamza.

The life of G.A. Pugachenkova is the way of the prominent scientist, who devoted herself to the study of Middle East. Her life has become the integral part of the wonderful art critic phenomenon growing in Central Asia in the 20th century.