Exhibition of three Karakalpak artists

Among numerous art exhibitions held in Nukus in June 2003, which drew attention of amateurs of art there was an exposition «The Sea is leaving.» presenting the works of the Karakalpak artists, S. Baibosynov, U. Saparov and B. Serekeev. Their names are well known not just within the republic but far abroad. The exhibition was organized by the Nukus branch of the Executive Committee of International Foundation of the Aral Sea Recovery and Karakalpak Branch of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. It was held at the Exhibition Hall of the Karakalpak branch of AA Uz. Open Society Institute — Uzbekistan became its sponsor.

The works, presented at the exhibition, enriched knowledge on a level of development and originality of modern Karakalpak art and revealed new aspects of creativity of already famous artists. Obviously, being like — minded towards professional tasks, understanding of national traditions in art and active interest to modern problems, Baibosynov, U. Saparov and B. Serekeev search for own ways of philosophic interpretation of events, development and realization of their art potential. Specificity of Karakalpak nature and brightness of national colour serve a starting point of artists’ inspiration. In their works, they do attempts to reflect a true picture of modern condition of the Aral Sea, to draw attention of the public to distressful situation around the Aral and catastrophic break of ecological balance over a huge area.

The problem of ecological situation in the Aral’s area continues to worry the public of the republic. It finds reflection not just in alarming publications and hot discussions of the scholars, writers and journalists but in the works of such Karakalpak artists as R. Matevosyan, D. Berdimetova, J. Lepesov, J. Kuttymuratov and others.

The exhibition is a result of the trip of S. Baibosynov, U. Saparov and B. Serekeev to Muinak and their permanent observation on the Aral Sea condition. The exhibition presented about fourty works of the artists created for recent months and exposed for the first time. S. Baibosynov’s works form a center of the exposition. In spite of his young age, the artist has wide creative diapason. His tireless searching for new compositional and colour solutions, choice of material and striving to full and all — round solution of themes give evidence for that. Among the best, there is a picture of S. Baibosynov — «Waiting for Wonders». Its essential core is formed by the fisherman’s family waiting for the wonder — increase of water in the sea. Dark houses as if were lost in sand and isolated from the world. However, the outlook at the better times still lives in hearts of the people.

S. Baibosynov’s art image always differs from the real one. The technique of his works is important too. Confident manner, adherence of the artist to light — blue, golden-pink splashes and pearl — coloured mist covering the picture and softening the colours are amazing. Colour solutions, fuzziness of contours, alternation of light tones as if create atmosphere of some mystery. Unusual plastic method was applied by S. Baibosynov in «White rain».

The artist created original «salt» drops, giving specific colour characteristic to «image of rain». Content of the picture is being developed by means of light and colour solutions. Turning to the painting, S. Baibosynov draws easily, paying much attention to development of air space — this natural for a person environ.

S. Baibosynov is an artist permanently searching and creatively alert. Striving to impressionist interpretations of the images is his characteristic feature. The Aral Sea has given rich material for the artist’s thinking that found reflection in the serials «Cry», «My Aral», «Aralkum», «Silurus. Red boarders.» etc.

Looking through, different in mood and emotional force, serials of S. Baibosynov, one amazes at the skills of the artist, who has been able to synthesis various colour solutions in integral image, at the same time, keeping brightness of separate colours and clear perception of the space, which helps to feel close ties of the man and nature.

S. Baibosynov’s painting has emotional deepness and reveals leaning to soft rhythm, quiet colour with prevailing argent and blue — pink combinations. Speaking about advantages of the artist’s works, some shortages should be noted too — they are monotony of methods, subject limitation and monotony of colour solutions.

Another participant of the exhibition — U. Saparov is from the older generation of the Karakalpak artists. The exposition presented his works: «The man and fish», «The birds flying off», «Ship», «The Grey Aral», «Despair», «Sorrow» and others.

Creative thinking over the ecological problem and ability to find an approach to the idea form specific features of Saparov’s works. Sometimes, his works are akin to the placard; like the placard, they are agitational by their nature and in spite of some detalization and painting development, they sound as a slogan.

Anxiety about the future of his nation penetrates the work «Despair»: we can see the woman dangling the empty cradle. She is full of fear — invisible threat to the future of her family troubles her. The figure of the woman reminds pictures of weepers. In this picture, U Saparov succeeded to create dramatic, sharply touching mood; he could show the psychological frontier, beyond which pain becomes unbearable — further, just the cry. Meanwhile, the artist does not step over this frontier — he has kept the hope of accessible harmony of human being. Tearing of heart because of the reality expressed in this work touches deeply the spectators.

The U. Saparov’s works demonstrate clearness of style and simplicity without any pompous approaches or complicated colour developments, unlike the pictures by S. Baibosynov. However, behind exterior simplicity are hidden hard creative searches and forethought of each detail.

The serials of U. Saparov’s works related to ecological theme and the problem of the Aral present understanding of our modern reality, its creative interpretation and active participation in the life. The works of B. Serekeev had enriched the exposition pointing out direct connection and mutual dependence of modern tendencies of the Karakalpak painting art development.

B. Serekeev’s works inflow in the exposition as a strong stream of painting expression and brightness of decorative effects. For example, such his works as «The Aral ecology», «Ships of Muinak», «Echo of the Aral», «Thirst», «Catastrophe of the Aral» and others. A position of the artist is specified by ability to see and to expose the general things, which troubles each person, by means of well — used painting methods and detailed development of the form.

It should be noted that the works presented at the exhibition revealed richness of art methods and individual styles of the artists. The exhibition of the Karakalpak artists has summarized long and hard work and became something like a report for the work that has been performed for recent months. The exhibition familiarized spectators with creative ideas of the artists, which have given their thoughts on solution of the Aral problem and in spite of difficulties are overreaching new creative acmes.

Author: Periza Khojametova