Abduvohib Karimov was born in 1977 in Kagan city, Bukhara region. He finished the school of arts named after R. Khamraev in Bukhara. His teachers were the national master from the Ghijduvan school, A. Narzullaev and K. Babaeva from Uba settlement of Vabkent district. In 1998, he graduated from the Republican Art College, department of Art Ceramics. Now, he studies at the National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after K. Bihzad.

The art of famous masters, M.K. Rakhimov and his son, A. Rakhimov greatly influenced the decision of Abduvohid Karimov to become a master in ceramics.

Participation in archeological expeditions gave to A. Karimov the opportunity to acquaint with ancient samples of ornamented ceramics related to different historical periods of the Uzbek state. Abduvohib tried to use them in his works and to open secrets of ancient masters.

Among his works — tea — service, juice set, plastic sculptures «Orzularim kanotbergai» and «Pegas», the vase devoted to Amir Temur, lyagans «Patience», «Old image», «Shah Babur» and others. Besides that, he made many experimental probations of ceramics of Central Asia of the 9th — 10th cc.

Abduvohib Karimov is a participant of the republican exhibitions, including such as «Returned Values», «Eng ulug, eng aziz» and others.