September 30 — October 20
«Free Bird Fly» — a personal exhibition of 11-year old Diyera Hasanova. About her fifty works (painting, graphics, cut out and aquarelle) were exhibited at CMA. Ministry for Culture Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, AA Uz and Republican Center of Child Arts became organizers of the exhibition.

October 4 — 16
At CMA, the exhibition «Happy Eyes» of the honoured figure of arts of Uzbekistan, B.Kotlov (1923 — 1995), devoted to his 80th anniversary was held. The exposition presented about eighty works of the artist.

October 4 — 25
«Among many thousands of tracks I would choose just one» — the exhibition of P.Shvedov, an artist, master of art photo and alpinist. Eighty works as a mountain symphony created by the artist were exposed at THPh by the agency of Open Society Institute — Uzbekistan.

October 8 — 15
About forty painting works of L. Lim formed the exposition of her personal exhibition held at CMA. The works of the artist bear traces of impalpable interplay of Kazakh and Uzbek art traditions and transformed originality of the Korean art school.

October 8 — December 15
At the State Museum of Arts through the agency of the Ministry for Culture Affairs and Open Society Institute — Uzbekistan was held the exhibition of photographic painting of V. Useinov. The exposition included two installations and twenty-seven polychromic photos made on a basis of painting fragments taken from pictures.

October 15 — 21
In Shahrisabz, at the Kashkadarya college of fine and applied arts, on results of International Competition of Child Drawing «Why I am happy in this world» in the Slovak Republic, was held the exhibition and awarding ceremony for young artists from Uzbekistan. The awards were handed by Charge d’affaires a.i. the Slovak Republic in Uzbekistan, Mr. Peter Juza.

October 16 — November 2
The art exhibition «Our Heritage» and evening to the memory devoted to the 80th anniversary of honoured member of AA Uz, master of painting, academician M. Saidov was held at CMA. The exhibition exposed eighty works from collections of the State Museum of Arts, Direction of Art Exhibitions, AA Uz and private collections.

October 22
In the Chirchik Museum of Area Study was opened the exhibition of the famous artist from Gazalkent, R. Niyazbaev. Unique talent of this real nugget in art touched hearts both of experienced spectators and of young people. The Chairman of AA Uz T.Kuziev took part in the opening ceremony.

October 30 — November 10
The exhibition of art photograph «Fettle and Mood. People and Nature of Japan» was held at THPh. Fifty photos of Japanese masters exposed various aspects of people life and nature of the land of the rising sun.

October 31 — November 8
At CEH, by the agency of the Indian Cultural Center and AA Uz was held the exhibition «Painting Art of Madhubani» — traditionally ritual art of women, compositionally created on a basis geometric forms and substantiating religious magic symbols, which for ages have been passing through generations, from mother to daughter. Three sections presented forty works.

November 1 — 15
«This is Love» — a personal exhibition of G.Gromova, devoted to T. Ovsepyan, was held in CMA. The exhibition presenting more than thirty works was organized by the agency of AA Uz and Open Society Instiute — Uzbekistan.

November 1 — 19 «Gardens — 2003» — the exposition organized by the Direction of Art Exhibitions at CMA. It exposed about fifty works of E. Lee, I.Kulaghina and T.Lee. Subjects of the exhibition — still lives, big flowers, sunflowers and landscapes.

November 4 — 17
Within the program of the traditional Days of Japanese Culture in Uzbekistan, in CMA were held the exhibitions of placards «Masks of No theatre» by designer F. Norio, who presented forty placards and «Rainbow in Kagaro village. Fox wedding.» by S.Siodzawa (six placards). The Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Uzbekistan and AA Uz gave the help.

November 18 — December 4
The exhibition of photographs by I. Znotinsh, Yu. Kalninsh and A. Liepinsh held at THPh was devoted to the Day of the Latvian Republic. The opening ceremony was attended by Igors Apokins, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Latvia in Uzbekistan.

November 20
In Paris, at the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in France was held the exhibition of Z.Sharipova.The exposition presented forty — two works of the talented Uzbek artist.

December 2 — 12
«Artist and Book», a personal exhibition of the famous graphic artist A. Bobrov who presented more than fifty works was held at CEH. His graphic works, illustrations and illustrated books were exhibited at many republican and international exhibitions.

December 2 — 17
More than one hundred works formed the exposition of A. Ivanova, D. Akhunbabaev and S. Kurtdjemil held at CMA by the agency of AA Uz. The artists presented works in painting and graphics.

December 4 — 9
The exhibition «Spiced Orient» was held at CEH. In this Project, initiated by the art critic Z. Alieva, took part the young but already famous artists as well as the artists belonged to the middle — age generation. About forty works in painting and graphics integrated individual ideas within one exposition. The exhibition was promoted by the Open Society Institute — Uzbekistan and CEH.

December 9 — 28
The first personal exhibition of M. Hegai was held at CMA where exposed over sixty pieces of aquarelle and painting works of the artist.

December 10 — 15
About 70 works (pieces of embossment, gold embroidery, flower art, tapestry, painting, graphics and aquarelle), presented by the children from the Fergana Regional Center of Aid to disabled children and children from lower — income families «Tqtidor», formed the exposition «Egypt by Child Eyes» at CEH. Young artists were congratulated by the Ambassador of ARE in Uzbekistan, Center of Science and Education at the Embassy of ARE and AA Uz.

December 12 — 20
«Musical Poems» — a personal exhibition of H. Ziyakhanov at «Ilkhom» theatre. The author of the project — N. Akhmedova. More than thirty works were presented by the agency of the gallery «Caravan».

December 15 — 22
«Plastique of Moment» — the exhibition of graphic artists A. Mikhailov and D. Novakov was held at CEH. The artists presented more than 60 works.

December 18 — 28
«Water is Life» — the exhibition held at THPh on the results of the international photo competition devoted to International Day of Water 2003. The competition was held in May-September for the countries of Eastern and Central Europe and CIS countries. More than 1000 color and black-white photos taken by 271 artists from 19 countries, including China, India, Italy, France and Thailand were presented to the competition. The exposition at THPh demonstrated 300 best pieces, among which photos by M. Golovachev (Uzbekistan) — 1st place, A. Ishik (Turkey) — 2nd place, V. Antanavicheti (Lithuania) and V. Sokolov (Uzbekistan) — dividing 3rd place. The organizers — AA Uz, UNO in Uzbekistan and European Economy Commission of UNO.

December 19 — 29
Painting, graphic and photo works formed the exposition of the exhibition «Vietnam in art» that was held in Caravanserai of Culture of Ikuo Hirayama at AA Uz where were presented about 100 works of Uzbek and Vietnam artists. The opening ceremony was visited by the ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Fam Zui Shon,the chairman of AA Uz and the chairman of Society of Friendship «Uzbekistan — Vietnam» Tursunali Kuziev. The exhibition was organized by the Emabssy of SRV in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Society of Friendship «Uzbekistan — Vietnam».

December 23 — 30
At CEH was held the exhibition of the famous ceramic master, National Artist of Uzbekistan Mukhitdin Rakhimov devoted to his 100th anniversary.

AA Uz — the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
CMA — Center of Modern Art
CEH — Central Exhibition Hall
THPh — Tashkent House of Photograph.

Prepared by Yulia Tarasenko