on October 1, Thailand
Photo exhibition «Uzbekistan — heart of Central Asia»devoted to the 20th anniversary of the the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, took place in the large shopping centre on the South- East Asia «Siam Paragon in Bangkok. It was visited by the Princess of Thailand Maha Chakri dynasty Sirindhorn, heads of diplomatic missions, representatives of the state, business and public circles, as well as the Central mass-media of Thailand. The exhibition presented more than 300 works of Thai photographers, including photos of Princess Maha Chakri dynasty Сириндхорн shot in the course of its visit to Uzbekistan in 2005. which are devoted to the nature, architecture, life and traditions the Uzbek people.

6-12 October, Memorial Museum
Камолпдднна Behzad Youth art exhibition-contest «Ibn Sino in my mind», devoted to the life and work of the great scientist-encyclopaedist, was organized on the initiative of the International Fund of Abu Ali Ibn Sino with the assistance of the Academy of of arts of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of higher and secondary education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Embassy of the Of France in Uzbekistan. Participation in the exhibition allowed the students of higher educational institutions, colleges and lyceums closer get acquainted with the person of Ibn Sino, to Express their understanding and perception of the great scientist and thinker. The works were performed without restrictions on the format of and technology, a large part of the transferred to the «Ibn Sino масканлари», and the best evaluated by a professional jury. Winners of the nominations received memorable prizes and valuable gifts, diplomas and certificates.

10 — 30 October, the French Institute
Exhibition of the talented young artist-Illustrator Yulia Drobovoy opens for visitors window in the enormous colorful and Sunny world of her experiences and fantasies. At the present moment Yu. Дробова works by the artist- Illustrator in publishing the magazine «Baby Terra» and the designer in French Institute in Uzbekistan. The range of her creativity diverse — graphical illustration, textile design, video art, design in the interior and printing, etc.

17 October — 3 November, the Tashkent house of photography
On the 10th reporting the exhibition of graduates of the School-Studio of creative photos exhibited more than 100 works, with high quality of execution, and of techniques, great stylistic and thematic diversity. This landscapes and still lifes, psychological portraits, genre, reportage, as well as fashion photography, color and black-and — white. Vernissage reflected the visual embodiment of the basic ideas, report to his disciples: understanding photos, search fine means of compositional solution.

on October 25 — November 19, imposed Bondage
«Aesthetics of hedonism: food, body, spirit» — international the exhibition under the aegis of the Fund «Forum» in VI Tashkent international Biennale of contemporary art, the idea of which is to reveal the attitude of modern the artist to the ethical and aesthetic problems of hedonism. The author of the idea — A. Khakimov, curators — 3. Nasirova, With. Babaev, D.. Razykov, Str. Umerova, I. Shamerzaeva, B. Nodir. Vernissage — part of the the project, which continues the creative approach of the past earlier exhibitions under the General supervision of And. Khakimov «Tetragon — the four dimensions of reality» and «The abduction of a cocoon», «moon-face», «Turkestan a remake of», «the Cow Aristotle», etc.

October 26 — November 26, THP
In the framework of the VI Tashkent international Biennale of contemporary art and art Week Art Week Style.uz has been held photo exhibition «100 years of the Tokyo», organized by the Fund «Forum», Japanese the Institute of the photographic industry and the Academy of arts. Its exposition includes works ZBO the well-known Japanese photographers Shotaro Akiyama, Taro Dosho, Shinzo Hanabusa, Tadahiko Hayashi, Kensuke Hijikata, etc., on which sealed with the development and the formation of the modern capital of Japan, the portraits of the modern people — politicians, writers, artists, businessmen, actors. The exhibition is intended to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the photo printing store, the Japanese Institute of the photographic industry.

26 October — 1 November 5, GMI Bondage
Exhibition «Uzbekistan — our common home» in the framework of the VI Tashkent the international Biennale was designed to familiarize the General public and foreign guests with the masterpieces of the multinational creative heritage of the peoples of Uzbekistan, kept in the State Museum of arts of the Republic. So, in the exposition of the best works of painting, products of folk-applied art, as well as ancient household items, created by the authors of Jewish origin, who lived and worked in Uzbekistan. A special place in the exhibition are the paintings created by such well-known masters of the brush, as Yu. Elizarov, A. Goldrey, M. Kalonkg package dimensions, A. Lizak, And. Rubin, L. Reznikov, A. Viner, D. Zilberman and other. Organizers of the exhibition were: the Ministry for culture and sports Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Fund Forum of Uzbekistan, Academy of arts of Uzbekistan with the assistance of the Jewish Diaspora of the city of Tashkent and the Embassy of the State Israel in Uzbekistan. In the opening ceremony of the exhibition took part the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel in Uzbekistan Mr. Hilel Newman.

27 October — 10 November, МКСК
«Jug as a form of spatial thought» — that was the name of the project Elena Komarova in the framework of the VI Tashkent international Biennale. According to the concept, a pitcher in this exhibition is not only from a practical point of his destination and application, but also as a sacred a character or a favourable sign in cults and rituals of various faiths. In particular, from time immemorial, the shape of the jug served as an embodiment of the source of wealth, as well as the storage of different kinds of values and treasures. It is noteworthy that in the course of the opening ceremony of the exhibition has acquired interactive character: the visitors were invited to write down on paper their philosophical understanding of the shape of the jug and ideas, after which the audience down his piece in like a pitcher.

19-30 November, NNM Bondage
In the exposition of the exhibition of contemporary art «Autumn meetings» were presented 70 works by well-known artists of Uzbekistan and Sparks Svetlana Shin, Vladimir Kim, Svetlana Tsoi, Nikolai Pak and the Dealer Mamedova. The exhibition was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Uzbekistan in the support of the Korea Foundation for international development, the Academy of arts.

November 29-December 18, CEH
The personal exhibition of the Namangan artist Mohamadjona Toshmirzaeva exhibited his paintings, in which clearly reflected his personal vision of the world. For works of M. Toshmirzaeva characteristic decorative execution, linearity, the conciseness of images. The artist is not reboot the composition of excessive explanatory symbols, for it was important emotional transfer of the subject, then, that can be read between the lines, what you feel, not touching.

9 November — 1 December 8, CEH
At the XXVII the Traditional exhibition «the Artist and nature» was presented more than 200 landscape works of painting and graphic artists Uzbekistan, including such great masters as B. Melnikov, I. Yanis Salpinkidi, P. Gagloeva, And. The Tires, In. Yenin, In. Troshina, And. Mirsaganov, In. Chub, And. Jamolov.

2-18 December, NNM Bondage
The exhibition, devoted to the 90 anniversary of the birth of Rakhim Ahmedova, people’s artist of Uzbekistan, member of correspondent of the Russian Academy of arts, academician AH Of arts, Professor, organized by the Fund «Forum», and the fine arts gallery of Uzbekistan, presented a large-scale retrospective demonstration creativity of the artist, since the young years of age. The basis of the artist’s deep penetration into the essence of the existence of the nation, striving to reveal the characteristic and sustainable and noble traits of his people, refracted in images of women, older farmers, the outstanding representatives of the intellectuals, as well as simple and modest people. The exhibition presents works from the museums Uzbekistan and private collections which have become the classics of the Uzbek art, graphic heritage of the master, reflecting its the creative laboratory and search.

5 — December 25, gallery «Chorsu», Samarkand
Exhibition «Carpets of Central Asia», dedicated to the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was jointly organized by the Gallery «Chorsu» Samarkand branch The Academy of arts and Samarkand integrated historical-architectural and art the Museum-reserve. It has presented about 50 carpet products, which have demonstrated especially, the national traditions of a craft in the field of carpet weaving, as well as its modern development. The exposition includes how old national carpets of manual work from the collection of Museum — reserve, as well as contemporary silk rugs of the Samarkand factory of carpet weaving.

6 — 20 December, the Central exhibition hall
Art exhibition «My homeland, » Uzbekistan», devoted to the The day of Constitution was organized by the Academy of arts together with the National Institute of arts and design, and To. Behzad. It graduates of the Institute demonstrated more than 20 paintings, reflecting the creative work of the builders of the new capital city («Evening» X. Ibragimov), the images of the best the intelligentsia of the country («Portrait of Zulfia» N. Mirsalihova; «The Architect M Tolipov» B. Abdullayev), common laborers («Suhbat» H. Urolova) and children («Dream» e. Bozorov). Along with the beautiful paintings of masters of the older generation (X. Mirzaahmedov, And. Mirsagatov, P. Rizamuhammedov) they create a kind of picture of our Motherland.

6 December — January 6, imposed Bondage
Personal exhibition of one of the most original artists Uzbekistan Babur Ismailov once again won admirers of his talent, originality of ideas and execution, deep intelligence and flexibility of images, the national originality, inner fulfillment and extraordinary intelligence that is characteristic of the artist and is projected to do the work. Each exhibition of the artist — a always surprise, opening and a joyous meeting with the new.

14 — 28 December, the Tashkent house of photography
The personal exhibition «Dialogue with nature» Daisaku Ikeda is a prominent Japanese philosopher, writer, a poet and a teacher, the President of Soka Gakkai international, laureate of the International prize «FotograNica — 2010» — exhibited 100 photos. In the exposition — landscapes Japan, captured by the photographer during the period of its peacekeeping of the mission. Work Daisaku Ikeda penetrated search for beauty and harmony, as unity of man and of the universe. In each picture there is the love of the author to the world and the desire to convey the beauty of our the planet for future generations.

15 — December 30, imposed Bondage
The final exposition 2011. — exhibition Seyran Kurtjemilya is a good gift for art lovers to a New year. About 40 landscapes, still lifes, contingent portraits, mythical subjects and ornamental compositions presented creativity this amazing artist. The original style of the paintings With. Kurtjemilya attract brave decision colour proportions and generalization pictorial form. Using the modern language painting, the artist boldly combines line, color, spots, creating unique compositions. The feeling of joy perception the world by means of color solutions, fabulous imagination, romantic mood and color gift make attractive the creativity of the artist.

on December 16, the CEH
Took place presentation of the book by N. Abdullayev «Portrait painting of Uzbekistan», to which the author himself, unfortunately not live. Portrait genre in painting of Uzbekistan especially actively began to form in the 20 — 30-ies of the last century, reflecting the adaptation of fine art to the European experience and inscribed in the works of the faces of a new era. History of the genre linked with the names And. Volkova, Para. Benkov, Usto Mumin, H. Ahmarova and his disciples continued in the works of R. Ahmedova, P. Chariev’s and many other masters of the brush.

December 17, gallery «Aysel», Samarkand
«The exhibition of one masterpiece» — was the name of the new joint project of Samarkand joint historical-architectural and art Museum- the nature reserve and the gallery «Aysel». One-day exhibition of one of the masterpiece from the collection of the The Samarkand Museum, in this case the work And. In. Nikolaev (Usto-Mumin) «Boy with a quail» (1928, b., tempera) — this is the beginning of a new interesting project. Such exhibitions once a month will continue. In the opening of the exhibition took part the Minister of culture and sports Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Tonnes. Kuziev.