The acquisition of Uzbekistan’s independence — an important stage in the creativity as Mature artists, and very young. Gradually gaining its position in a creative environment an independent country and its peers, which is not known the problems of the past years and which are free and independent in choosing their positions and aspirations. They will be gradually occupy a worthy place in the creative environment of their homeland. In among them — students of the National Institute of arts and design them. К.Бехзада Khurshid Nazarov and Natalia Kim. In 1991 in the city. Jizzakh was born Khurshid Nazarov. From 2001 — 2007, worked in the circle of the Jizzakh regional Palace the youth. In 2007 — 2010, he studied at the YUNUSABAD College design. From 2010. — the student of the National Institute of arts and design them. To. Behzad — branch «easel painting». His mentors — people’s artist of Muhammad Nuriddinov and Зайниддин Fakhriddinov. Since 2003. Khurshid — participant of a number of competitions and exhibitions. At the exhibition young artists «Shankar», held in India in 2006. X. Nazarov took the first place. First place was taken by the artist and in 2007, as a party the exhibition «Sport — тинчлик элчиси». In 2008 according to the results of the contest, timed to «672-year anniversary of Amir Temur», work X. Nazarov Defeat Боязи- Yes» was also awarded first place in the direction of painting. With 2008. — Khurshid party to the traditional. The week of fine arts of Uzbekistan, noted in 2010, the silver medal of the Week. At the contest «Navkiron Uzbekiston», organized by the The Fund «Forum» in 2010. X. Nazarov was awarded with the certificate, in the same year he was a participant of the exhibition «Nature and artist «in January 2011. — the exhibition «the Man I love». According to Khurshid, «the basis of creativity — this is how you can more to learn from their mentors and to enrich the world with the help of art». Degree work X. Nazarova in College was easel painting — painting «Улок;» (2010).

    X. Nazarov. «Улок».

Улок. — the old Uzbek national game of them riding upon horses. His the work was fulfilled in the historical genre, that, probably, has become a further impetus to the choice of this genre in painting, in which he works in the last time. For example, in such works as «Yeti Soi» and «At the Bazaar skull-caps», feels like the artist tries to show not only the historical component of the work, but takes an attempt to revive the national traditions with the help of costumes and ornaments. Work X. Nazarov differ bright and vivid emotional color mood brand new building of the song, in which he seeking to show the colors of the native land. For him not there are limitations in the choice of themes. He wrote landscapes, portraits, works in the genre of still life. In 1991 in the city. The Syr Darya was born Natalia Kim.

Mr.. Kim. The sketch of a work of M. Bulgakov’s «the Master and Margarita.
Mr.. Kim. Spring kaleidoscope.
Mr.. Kim. The old town.

Their first steps to art began with the children’s arts school in his native city. In 2007-2010 studied in the National art College at the Department of costume. BYA mentors are O.V. Ignatyev and O.N.. Minich. From 2010. Mr.. Kim — a student at the National Institute of arts and design them. To. Behzad. It guides the costumes — A.B. Allabergenov, on design — Z.R. Davlatshaeva. In 2008. Mr.. Kim took part in the contest of graphic works in the framework of the week «ART WEEK STYLE.UZ», according to the results of which was awarded with certificate. It is the constant participant of the show historical costumes as part of the Week fine art, organized by the Academy of fine arts Of Uzbekistan. In 2010. Mr.. Kim was awarded with Diploma for active participation in the Week of fine arts. 2-e took the place of N. Kim in the Republican review-competition costumes, organized by the AAU, the Ministry of culture and sports of Uzbekistan. In a series of watercolor works of the young artist — «Orchid» (thesis in College. The head of the artist — costumier O.V. Ignatieva) — the girls dressed in the outfit, depicting the flower, as if filled with the gentle aroma orchids and a special vision of the world artist — certificate the manifestation of its kind of thinking. For N. Kim nature — the object of admiration, a source of joy. She carefully прорисовывает veins of the flower, the diversification of its petals, tracing his life in different variations. Flower-dress girls — live, corresponding to the rich shades, part of the nature, a source of joy, where are intertwined and reality a fantasy. In the composition of flower combines pastel colors in the style of romanticism. Each of the girls — like the personification of orchids. On the basis of its work, N. Kim made suit. In the paintings of N. Kim prefers to refer to various subject, experimenting with styles and genres. Interesting its landscapes, characterised by soft lyricism, extraordinary expressive and poetic mood. Her work The»old town» displays typical features of the historical cities of the East. Its special attitude of the artist to the choice a color gamut. It reaches a significant expression with the help of color combinations, game , different in their character strokes and lines. According to her, of all existing directions of the industry of a fashion more all it attracts avant-garde, the brightest representatives of the which are — John Galliano, Vivien Westwood and Alexander McQueen. In the future N. Kim wants to participate with its collections in both national and international fashion shows. In painting it inspires creativity artists such as Edgar Degas, And. Repin, And. Shishkin, A. Savrasov, To. Vasiliev, The. Tansikbaev and B. Jalalov. Before young people, including artists of XXI C., stand global problems of construction and enrichment, further improvement of the national culture of the new democratic state-based and based on tradition and the achievements of the people of the past ages, to find a worthy place in the art, in the life of the country.

Shamuhamedova Dinara