Дэляра was brought up in a family where there was a spirit of art. No one saw her on the stage of the theatre or on the posters of the movie. It always remained a «behind the scenes». The audience saw firsthand only the results of its work, created with a huge responsibility and a refined taste and which embodied her idea, ideas.
In the Uzbek animation debut D. Батыровой took place in the 1980s. when it invited the Director Nazim Туляходжа stud-as an assistant of the film Be gentle rainь 19844. This was a period of rapid development of the animationи traditional interpretations of fairy talesо when the Studio of animation at the Studio иУзбекфильмь was transformed into вthe Association of puppet and animated filmsм.
At me in hands — unique at the time of the photograph of the team Мультобъединенияя» published in the journal Kinoо in the early 1980s. In the first row in the photo sits modest woman with short hairй wearing glasses. This Дэляра Batyrov. She is in a circle of personsц who glorified for the whole world Uzbek animation. This Nazim Туляходжаевв artist Sergey Alibekovо colleagues Svetlana Мурадходжаевав Музраб Баймухамедов. Dr.. Batyrov was born in Bukhara. Her father — Ravil Исмаило-HIV Batyrov — worked as a chief Director of the Bukhara regional musical drama theatre, and my mother-Lydia Batyrov — choirmaster at the same theatre. Already in his childhood Дэляра fond of theatre. Well-known film Director Ravil Batyrovв who has shot such films as In the twenty-sixth don’t shootь! 19666) Apples of the forty-first yearа 19699) Waiting for youя kidь 19722) was not invited daughter to star in his films. The freedom of choice of professions left the children themselves. For The First Time R. Batyrov took with him his daughter in Belarus in киноэкспедицию in the summer of 1974, when filming a feature film about the second world war «Незабытая song». This trip was a landmark event in the destiny of his young daughter, determining her future profession. Дэляру was fascinated by the process of creative search, the cohesion of the whole team of around a common idea of the father, to «infect» their energies all around her, too, from now on, once and for all decided to become a filmmaker. R. Batyrov pleased independently the decision daughter. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but in his work Дэляра repeated the father’s way. Just the same as he, she, after the end of the Tashkent theatre and art Institute (1975-1980) (the head of 0. Chernova) was the distribution is directed by the Director in Jizzakh oblast theater. Prior to this, Dr. Батыровой was the experience of the diploma work on a play L. Петрушевой Loveь» taken as a television showь as well as the practice in the Russian drama theatre named after M. Gorkyо where she already knew.
However Дэляру attracted film. At the time of the «Association of puppet and animated filmsв announced a set of talented youth. Among them was and Дэляраа which decided to raise the prestige of puppet filmsв caught a low priorityи. Дэляя like many girlsк in the childhood I loved dolls and many fiddled with themм I liked to drawьт — remembers her father R. Batyrov.
The debut film of the R. Batyrov, who staged many performances in Bukhara, became a feature film «Your traces» (1964), taken together with A. Хачатуровым. The debut film of his daughter Дэляры — puppet film Let’s change!. 19844) shot in collaboration with the Director Mr. Нугмановой. In the film industry are rare cases of joint work of two Directors on the same film. A history of the cinema 1knows the Vasilyev brothers, And. Алова and In. Naumova.
Film D. Батыровой «Let’s change». (the author of the scenario Tonnes. Nigmatullin) — a fairy tale about the animals. It is designed for the young spectator. Although in their debut tape and can be traced some of the roughness of the plot, logical break movements and dialogue heroes, nevertheless, this is a serious school самостоятельнойработы. In the future, Etc. Batyrov honed technique, expanding the range of actions and movements in the puppet filmsх in particularи has worked hard over the creation of the film-tale Snow wizardа on the purpose and importance of the completion of the initiated work.
When creating all the movies Etc. Батыровой the most stringent critic and the consultant was her father, sending her in creative search. The work was intended for children, so the answer to the questions she found the children, taught them and learned from them itself.
Usually movies for children voices of the actors, however, not always the voice of the theatre actor-travesty corresponds to the image of the hero of the child. To the problem she came originally. The characters doll tape Snow wizardа voiced the children themselvesи and he went natural for the intended audience. This Director’s discovery was an innovation in the Uzbek puppet animation.
Continuing the moral theme of the upbringing of the younger generationя directed by D. Batyrov their hopes expressed in the images of puppet filmsо warning against inertia­ callousness of the soul. This largely depends on the adultsл says the Directorс and the subject of mutual understanding between children and adults raises in the film мSmackл smackм tweakряк as well as topical issues of the relations in the familyм where the conflict between adults have a negative impact on the psyche of the child. The film is a call for adult bear responsibility for their children.
Serious theme in the film is presented with the sense of humor, without bulky manuals, through the strange events, in which interferes defender of children’s Splash Шлепович. 2He is not a fairy tale, not folklore character and not a magician. The small growth of the man-a dwarf. Extraordinary rich internally and mischievous, he appears in the house, in which there is calmness and coziness. The»flop» — and he goes down to the wire right up there, and the fun begins, reigns peace and tranquility. He gives the children that is impossible to buy good moodи loveв peace and justice. He pleases of young spectators and their parents calls for responsibility.
Clockwork, funny Slap Шлеповича announced a wonderful Moscow actor Oleg Tabakovв which is not so easy to be a beginner Director persuaded to participate in the Uzbek puppet film. This isт undoubtedlyн the added weight and the emotions of the tape. The attention of young spectators character attracts the sincerity of the rich tone of voice of a famous actor.
In the doll the movie, where opportunities are limited movementя a voice in the disclosure of the nature of characterа sound design is an important factorо which the Director puppet films Etc. Batyrov has paid the most attention. In the Uzbek animation she became the initiator of the birth of the нfamilyй of cartoons. In the genre of Proverbs D. Batyrov took another two puppet film for children йIn the yardв and «Mongrel plus mongrelн.
All the films, created by Dr. Батыровой their bright allegorical images clearly expressed the ideaю deep philosophy of the existing Mature Director.
Sudden death are not allowed to finish D. Батыровой the animated film the tale of the English writer Horace Golda angelл. Nazym Туляходжаевв at that time the artistic Director of the Мультобъединенияя» finished the missing framesы graduated from the filmм adequately coped with this task. A talented Director Дэляра Batyrov left on the memory of the audience their amazing animated films — bright gift of her creativity.

Mansura Mirzamuhammedova