Jamshid Jumanov Jamshid Jumanov was born in 1986 in Jizzakh. He graduated from the National College of Arts (2005), and later on, from the monumental painting department of the National Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Behzad (2009). His mentors were the Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan B. Jalalov and J. Rakhmanov. Currently Jamshid is a graduate student in the studio of Academician B. Jalalov.

Point of Reflection. 2010. Canvas, acrylic Jumanov participated in a number of national-level exhibition contests, including «Japan as I Imagine It» (2001) organized by the Japanese Cultural Centre, in which he was the winner; «Youth — the Golden Years» (2005) supported by Kamolot youth movement; and «Students’ Art» (2006) dedicated to the 15th anniversary of our country’s independence (he was awarded the II degree Diploma). In 2008, for the participation in the «Navqiron Uzbekiston» contest organized by the «Forum» Foundation he was awarded a certificate.

Jumanov believes that «the main criteria of art is to find your own way, your own world in our reality, and to approach art intuitively, regardless of its genre, whether it is landscape, still life, portrait or other…»

Jamshid’s graduation project, «The Echo of History» (2009), was conceived as a purely historical work, but in the process of working on it under the guidance of B. Jalalov it acquired more philosophical flavour. Perhaps, this prompted his subsequent choice of a painting genre. Recently the young artist has been working in historical genre. After all, to know the history of one’s native land is to get in touch with the origins of spirituality, without which it is hard to imagine our present-day reality. His works are distinguished by bright and vivid colouristic emotion, impressionist warmth, and the original combination of the colours of his native land, in which he seeks to find some unexpected compositions.

One should specifically mention Jumanov’s «Point of Reflection» (2010) where he seeks to represent the entire cosmos. The piece was intended for the Astronomy Museum as a mural. In the centre of the composition a man is keeping himself in a balance, reflecting in a comfortable position; at the top of the painting there is a brain — the symbol of cosmos, according to the author. The idea of the artist is that man is a two-way link between cosmos and Earth, which is one of the important components of the general concept of the piece.

The Echo of History. 2009. Canvas, oil Already now one can feel Jumanov’s rich and varied thematic range with no restrictions on choosing a subject. He paints landscapes, which is one of his favorite genres. He also works with still life. Most dear to him are still life traditions of the local school of realistic painting. In his still life paintings Jumanov often uses the products of traditional arts and crafts, such as ceramics and metalwork, as well as the gifts of his native land — vegetables and fruits.

The works of the young artists are characterized by peculiar palette, fantasy, mastery and original manner.

By Sukhrob Kurbanov