M. Yuldasheva with Academician V. Burmakin Malika Yuldasheva was born on August 10, 1989 in Tashkent in the family of medical doctors. Already in her early childhood she showed interest in drawing. While in secondary school, Malika attended fine art classes. Later on, she was given lessons by artist Danila Kuluev, who shared many secrets of artistic mastery with his student.

Yuldasheva is an economist-to-be, but the painting, as she puts it, is her hobby, her vocation, and her love.

Birds. Canvas, oil A Look into the Past. Canvas, oil «I am continuously looking for new ideas and a sense of satisfaction from my art», says Yuldasheva. «For me there are no rules for how to paint a picture. My soul is an infinite source of fantasies, plans and concoctions, and it enriches my inner world. I feel the need to pour out my impressions, thoughts and feelings onto the canvas. My world is a workshop, where a dream dwells. Among paints, canvases, brushes, unfinished works, and the artistic mess I live, inspired by the ideals of love, tenderness and kindness, and I am grateful for every single day that gives me a chance to realize my ideas.»

Still-life. Canvas, oil Still-life. Canvas, oil Yuldasheva created more than 200 paintings. On 20-27 November 2009 the International Culture Caravanserai of Ikuo Hirayama hosted her personal exhibition «The Mirror of My Soul». It displayed 55 works of the young artist, including «Multicoloured Emotions», «The Scent of Paints», «Oriental Still Life», etc. Eminent artists V. Burmakin and O. Kozokov highly appreciated many of her paintings.

For Malika Yuldasheva her paintings provide a kind of a base point; they are her primary passion and even a lifetime objective — the key for her development as a personality, and an opportunity to learn about the world.