Social Sciences in Uzbekistan. This issue marks two more anniversaries. The monthly academic journal «Social Sciences in Uzbekistan» (Obschestvennye nauki Uzbekistana, ONU) that celebrates its «golden» jubilee this year, and its permanent secretary and lead editor Boris I. Knopov, laureate of the «Oltin Kalam» international journalism contest of Uzbekistan, who has worked for the journal for the same 50 years, from the day of its founding. In different years, the journal’s editors-in-chief were vice-presidents and academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan I. M. Muminov, M. K. Nurmukhamedov, E. Y. Yusupov, I. I. Iskanderov, A. Mukhamejanov; presently, the position is held by the Academy Vice-president, Academician S. S. Gulyamov.

The milestone marking the «golden» jubilee of this tandem is more than 500 issues, of which about 160 were published over the years of the country’s independence, with over 7,500 articles in the entire spectrum of contemporary social sciences and humanities. The ONU publications are dedicated to the current issues of establishing and strengthening the sovereignty of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the implementation of comprehensive reform in all spheres, and primarily in building a truly humane, democratic and law-based state and civil society in the environment of asserting the ideology of national independence, openness, integration into global community, tolerance, the rule of law and protection of the citizen’s rights.

The «San’at» editors wish their colleagues to continue their work of facilitating the coverage of the results of creative academic activity of the country’s social scientists, aimed at improving the wellbeing of our sovereign nation and its people.

Dinara Shamukhamedova