On April 21 25, 2008 the Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the entire space around the building was the venue of already traditional «Week of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan 2008» dedicated to the Day of the Artist. The events of the Week were organized by the Creative Union of Artists of Uzbekistan with support from the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Professional Education, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Public Health, Television and Radio Company, UZA Information Agency, the National Company «UzbekTourism» and the National Company «UzbekKino».

Similar event was held for the first time in 2007. Judging by an extensive feedback, it broadly resounded among both professionals and amateurs or ordinary viewers not only in the capital city, but also in all regions of the country. Detailed material about the «Fine Arts Week 2007» was published in our magazine (2007, No.2).

This year the participants were not only representatives of our country, but also guests ten artists from South Korea who put their art on display together with their Uzbek colleagues.

According to an originally designed programme each day of the Week had its own theme. The opening day was dedicated to Khorezm and its remarkable masters, both well-recognized and very young artists who presented their paintings, sculpture, gold embroidery, ceramics, traditional dolls, etc.

The second day was the Day of Youth, when the focus was on the art of students from schools and institutions that train future experts in fine and applied arts.

The third day was of applied arts and miniature.
The fourth day was for sculpture and graphic art.
The fifth day, April 25, was the day of painting.
A special intrigue was introduced into the week by contests among young artists, when a competent jury selected the best painters, graphic artists, sculptors and representatives of other kinds of art.

On each day lead master artists conducted master-classes, shared secrets of their skill not only with those who already study in art schools, but also with those who are just contemplating their career choices.

The exposition was made of the woks by well-known masters members of the Creative Union of Artists of Uzbekistan, and the works of students of art schools and art-related professions. The exposition site was arranged in the halls of the CEH and on an open ground in the park surrounding the Exhibition Hall.

The Fine Arts Week once again justified the main idea of its organizers: to preserve, strengthen and develop relationships among renowned artists, masters, students, viewers, art historians and art managers. An open dialogue of all stakeholders facilitates further development of artistic taste and an introduction into the secrets of mastery, and creates awareness of issues facing people engaged in art.