Organizers of the exhibition of the same name at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan presented women just in such embodiment on the eve of the International Woman’s Day. Authors of many works (over 150) were women, some with very remarkable names like Shamsroi Khasanova, Zarifa Saidnosirova, Yelena Korowai, Nadejda Kashina and Zinaida Kovalevskaya. They represent the elder generation of women-artists whose works were kindly provided for the exhibition by the State Museum of Fine Arts. Among the works of our contemporaries we can see such famous names like Lailo Salimdjanova, Rimma Gagloeva, Inna Vasilyeva, Florida Gambarova, Iskra Shin, Gulya Gromova, Larissa Dabeja, Tatyana Lee, Gulzor Sultanova and others. Painting, installation, graphics and sculpture give the chance to show anyone’s worth. Could the men help but express their admiration and respect, sing the hymn to mothers and beloved women on this day? There are works of well-known artists F. Akhmadaliev, Sh. Ziyakhanov, M. Kagarov, A. Khatamov, Ya. Salpinkidi, G. Kadyrov and others in the section named ‘To you, beloved ones…’ Of course, many visitors would like to know who is whose goddess, and who the muse is. However, there should always be the element of understatement …

1. Z.Saidnasirova. Mosque. 1935. C., oil.
2. N.Kashina. A Girl with a Tambourine. 1945. C., oil.
3. Z.Kovalevskaya. A Small Courtyard. 1945. C., oil.
4. Z.Kovalevskaya. Still-life. 1965. C., oil.
5. N.Kashina. Grapes. 1964. C., oil.
6. E.Korowai. Portrait of K.Djalilov. C., oil.
7. Z.Kovalevskaya. Still-life the Cactus. 1971. C., oil.

Z. Saidnasirova. 1935
Z. Kovalevskaya
E. Korowai
Portarait of K. Djalilov


D. Mukhiddinov
A Spring
A. Khatamov
The naked
F. Akhmadaliev
Pendjukent Women 2003


N. Kashina
O. Nikolaeva
Structural Bionics
S. Keltaeva


F. Gambarova
Rejuvenating Apples
M. Garapov
Consecrating N. Pirosmani
Kh. Ziyakhanov
Mother and son. 2005