Long-standing historical from the Azerbaijani-Uzbek ties in the beginning of XXI century. develop on an equal contract basis, of evidence that the official visits of the heads of States signed agreements and activities political, economic, social and cultural values, which are perceived as an important symbol of friendship between our peoples.

An important place among the accepted documents is the «Agreement on cooperation between the Academy of fine arts Uzbekistan and the Institute of architecture and art of the Academy of Sciences Of Azerbaijan», signed on September 27 2011, in the course of the visit of the President of The Republic Of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev to Uzbekistan. In accordance with the this Treaty in Tashkent on October 25 this year in the Azerbaijani cultural centre named after Heydar Aliyev was held the scientific conference «the Relationship cultures of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan «. The direct organizers of the conference Academy of arts of Uzbekistan, Institute of architecture and art of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan with the assistance of the Embassy of the Of the Republic of Azerbaijan in The Republic Of Uzbekistan. The conference was preceded by the serious preparatory work. In may 2011. Tashkent was visited by the delegation the scientists of the Institute of architecture and art of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences headed by E. Salamzade — its Director, Dr. of art history, Professor with the aim of discuss the details of the cooperation, definition of directions of work of the conference. Its implementation has been scheduled for October 25 — day of the memory of outstanding Azerbaijani the singer and composer, a great friend of Uzbek people of Muslim Magomayev. At the conference, designed to reflect all the diversity of cultural ties of our peoples, took part Director of the Institute of architecture and art e. Саламзаде, doctor of art criticism R. Abdullaev, Dr. the architecture of the R. Amenzade, candidate of arts And. Gadzhiev. Science Of Uzbekistan on the conference represented scientists of the National Institute of of arts and design them. To. Behzad, The Institute of art history of the Academy Sciences of Uzbekistan, State the Conservatory, the Gallery of fine art, Tashkent state the Institute of Oriental studies, The Institute of history of the Academy of Sciences Of Uzbekistan. Among the speakers were rector of the State Conservatory Professor dilara Muradova, the people’s artist of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan Professor F. Safarov, Professor A. Matyakubov, a Professor With. Ganieva, Professor M. Khamidov, PhD To. Akilov, With. Akzamhodjaeva, candidates Sciences And. Tashmatova, P. Nazarov, A. Ziyaev. In the conference also adopted a the participation of the employee of the Center of Asian research at the University of York Mr.. Toronto (Canada) Professor Сашар Zarif. In honor of 870-anniversary (in 2011) from the day of the birth of the great Azerbaijan poet Nizami Ganjevi participants the conference laid a wreath at his the monument in the city. Tashkent. The reports of the participants of the conference dealt with a broad range of issues. In they considered not only the history of cultural relations of Azerbaijan and Uzbek peoples, but also the further prospects of cooperation. Publication of reports in the form of collection of will allow to familiarize with the conclusions of the within a wide range of persons interested in culture of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, its integration.