The main founders of the festival, held under the patronage of UNESCO, are the Ministry on Affairs of culture and sports of Uzbekistan, pop Association «Uzbeknavo», the national TV and radio company and the Union of composers and Khokimiyat of Samarkand region. In the opening ceremony of the festival took part the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimovв highly appreciated the art of musicо as a unique effective way to unite people regardless of nationalityи religion and customs. Traditionally the program of the Festival consisted of a series of events for which there are several areas of the city. Spiritually-educational aspect of the event was presented by the scientific-theoretical conference. In the framework of the Festival was held and a number of exhibitions of national musical instruments, clothes and items of everyday life of the peoples of the world, photo exhibition, telling about the previous festivals. Answering the questions of journalists about the participation of Russian artists at the International festival «Sharq Taronalari», the Minister on Affairs of culture and sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan Tursun-whether Kuziev stressed that holding events of such scale in Uzbekistan is aimed at educating the youth the feeling of love for the beautiful, the respect and knowledge of the origins of folk music. Proceeding from this, was the selection of creative collectives of the Republic for participation in the Festival. — In the era of globalization the traditional culture is under threat of extinction, » noted T. Kuziev. — Therefore, according to the main idea of the Festival, there is established a kind of intercultural dialogue, contributing to the revival and preservation of the musical traditions of the peoples of the world and the East, in particular. The musical part of the festival consisted of the contest «The best performance of a national song», as well as theatrical performances and gala-concert with participation of well-known performers. According to tradition, evaluated the performances of the participants of the VII International music festival «Sharq Taronalari» professional jury under the chairmanship of Cyrus Yong-Ki (Republic of Korea), consisting of: Eli Грунфель (Israel), IDA Риянти (Indonesia), low-Ki Hong (Singapore), Brahim El Мазнет (Morocco), Patrick de Klerk (Belgium), Фужитако Риеко (Japan), Kuo Li Ming (China), Bal RAM Саини (India), Rikard Deniz (Canada), Муножат Юлчие-VA and Абдухашим Ismoilov (Uzbekistan). At the opening of the Festival was made by the representative of the Italian stage well-known singer — al Bano Карризи. The aim of the Festival «Sharq Taronalari» — wide popularization of achievements of the national musical art, preservation and development of folk traditions, further expansion of the international creative relations, the ideas of peace, friendship, mutual understanding, strengthening of mutual cultural and spiritual cooperation. According to the terms of the Festival, the participants of creative delegations from each country in the 6-9 people provided for performances in such directions as «national music», «just-owned subsidiary of classical music», «modern music», including the variety of the work. All the participants were so inspired by the comings jumping-сными programs, acquaintance with performers from different countries of the world, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that after the completion of the official program of performances lasted almost until the morning in the not-средственной atmosphere in the hotel under its grateful applause of the audience. Passed competitive days filled with rehearsals and выступле-ments, the visits of famous historical monuments of Samarkand, new acquaintances. Ended another Chapter in the music of the Chronicles of the peoples of the world «Sharq Taronalari». The final chords of the VII International music festival «Sharq Taronalari» were heard in Samarkand on the square «Registan». The closing ceremony was marked by

Yulduz Mirhurozmedova