TV-cinema of Uzbekistan, being a powerful аудиови-зуальным art, is rapidly developing, using and synthesizing the achievements of all as technical progress, and the culture in General, as the product of the communication. Films, created for the blue screen, diverse in form and content, genre and stylistic features. Games and original siege-era film, animated and scientific-popular, short films and have multiple, they firmly part in the everyday life of people, forming views and managing leisure. They have a huge audience. One screening of the film on TV collects as much of the audience, how much the film will not be able to collect for the whole year of its demonstration in the cinema. During the 50 years of activity the Studio has brought up dozens of genuine.-tion of the masters of television journalism and films. Among them L. Babakhanov, In. Лендис, H. Ibragimov, Kim Gim Nyan, T. Akramov, N. Gerasimov, Sh. Djanaydullaev To. Karimov, With. Ахмедходжаев, M. Saliev and other film Directors, operators, the experience of which requires close examination. In a number of great masters of the telecine Uzbekistan is one of the oldest cameramen — Anwar Авазходжаев, behind which shoulders of about fifty years of work in a team «Узбекте-лефильма». Among his works are documentary телеленты, as «On the border of silence» (1979), «Hello, Siberia» (1980), «Master of our village» (1982), «Our house — Kyzyl-Kum», «In the valley of the Sokh river (1990 g.), which differ not commit phenomena, but the ability to play the various vicissitudes of events, penetrate into their essence, show the real heroes of the modern world. Like many other operators of the Studio, A. Avazhodjaev, working on a documentary tapes, puts before itself the highest tasks, solution of which requires a lot of time and effort. Cameraman sure that only the external reliably reproduced circumstances do not reveal the depth of events. Honed his skills And. Авазходжаев with the beginning of labour activity on small plots to television киножурналам Uzbekistanа. Then filmed a lot of documentaries. Due to the unprecedented ability to work and professionalism And. Авазходжаев — one of the leading operators of the TV movie. Removing one or the other event, presented in the scenarios, the operator transforms it in your mind, giving it a new meaning, because the world, documented in the film, is not static, but dynamic and diverse, and the author can not always predict all shades of perception of the events of the audience. The ubiquitous camera operator covering international Affairs And. Авазходжаева, who visited more than 70 countries of the world, reflects the cultural and sports events, which took place in the USA, England, France, Germany, Greece, China, Malaysia, Bahrain, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt and other countries. Thanks to tireless nature of the masters of the Uzbek television has become a firmly established cycle of films «the World through the eyes of the Uzbek cameraman», telling the public with the author’s position on such major cities around the world, as Sydney, Paris, Frankfurt-on-main, new York, London, Rome, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Bangkok, etc. Significant contribution cameraman in the creation of a cycle of such films as «the Golden ring of Khorezm», «Pearls of Uzbekistan», television works «Tashkent», «Samarkand», «Bukhara», «Kokand», «Shakhrisabz», awarded in 2002. State prize. The diversity of thematic and stylistic plants formed the gift of the operator he often serves as a Directorа) who became the author of remarkable films One day in Naganoо» Atlanta-966″ Hello from across the oceanа. Operator And. Авазходжаевым created more than 30 films about sports. Among them such, as «the Beijing awards» (2008 g.) the successful performance of the Uzbek athletes at the Olympic games in China, «Abdulla Tangriev» (2009.) — about the famous Uzbek fighter, «Keepers of Olympic glory» (2010) the museums of Olympic glory in Tashkent, the «Fire, transmitted through the centuries» (2010) and «Sports festival in Guangzhou» about the achievements of the athletes of Uzbekistan at international competitions. One of the best for today the Uzbek cameramen Anwar Авазходжаев has a special flair, giving him the opportunity to pull out of mass events are the most interesting, find the expressive angle of the frame, identify unusual situation for a full disclosure of the mortgaged in the scenario ideas.

Bakhodir Akhmedov