Археология Ташкентского оазиса Archaeology of the Tashkent Oasis.Tashkent, 2009.

The book presents the main findings of archaeological research on the unique monuments of the Tashkent oasis — an original historical and cultural area, and on its contribution to the development of global civilization and local culture. Particular attention is given to the evolution of ancient and medieval towns — the ancient settlements of the oasis, such as Kanka, Shoshtepa, Mingurik, Binkat, Shahjuva and others.

In Uzbek, Russian and English languages.

 М.С.Булатов.Космос и архитектура M. S. Bulatov.
Cosmos and Architecture.

Moscow -Tashkent, 2009.

This publication celebrating the 100th anniversary of Academician M. S. Bulatov, Doctor of Architecture, includes a collection of his unpublished works «Tengri-noma: Cosmos of Central Asian Architecture» and «Ulugbek’s Observatory», as well as memoirs of his colleagues and students. In «Tengri-noma» the author develops the idea of how astronomical notions influenced the geometry of architectural structures and offers examples of geometrical «records» of the lunar motion cycles. In his «Ulugbek’s Observatory» Bulatov looks at the history of the Samarqand Observatory, its role and historical and cultural significance in the XV century Temurid nation.
In Russian language.

 Акбар Хакимов.Искусство Узбекистана.История и современность. Akbar Khakimov
The Art of Uzbekistan. History and Modern Day

Tashkent, 2010

For the first time in art criticism as a science the monograph treats the history of arts and contemporary artistic practice of Uzbekistan as an integral unique cultural phenomenon. The author focuses on the art’s role in nation-building, the symbiotic dynamics in the art of the Turkic peoples of Central Asia, and the evolution of the XIX-XX cc. easel painting, as well as studies the art of the Republic of Uzbekistan during independence.

In Russian language.

Нуриддин Калонов.Графика.Рангтасвир.Альбом-каталог Nuriddin Kalonovв
Graphic Arts. Album-Catalogue

Samarqand, 2010

The album-catalog consisting of two parts (drawing and painting), tells about the life and work of artist Nuriddin Kalonov. Lithograph, woodcut printing, linocut, etching and ink-pen drawings, along with paintings and miniatures, reflect the multifaceted talent of the master. In his works, the artist celebrates the love of people, the beauty and richness of his native land

In Uzbek language