January 18-30, THP
In the framework of the National Program «The Year of Harmoniously Developed Generation», the results of a contest organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the Tashkent House of Photography translated into an exhibition «You Are My Pride» that displayed the works of famous Uzbek photographers over the age of 35; among them were V. An, V. Vyatkin, K. Minaychenko, A. Turov and others. For the first time, members of the Qatif Photography Group, a photographic society of Saudi Arabia, Ameen Ahmed Eid, Abdul Nasim Jabbari and others took part in the photo exhibition in Uzbekistan. In line with the theme of the contest and exhibition, the photographs were mainly represented by the portraits of prominent figures of our time — scholars, doctors, artists and performers…


Хроника January 25 — March 1, HYPA
The exhibition «The Drawings of Light» organized by the Forum Foundation together with the AAU and the House of Young People’s Art displayed the works of artist V. Apukhtin and his students Nigina Sunnatova and Oygul Hashimova created as monochrome photos — one of the new forms of visual art, reflecting the world as seen through the lens and a personal vision of each participant.

January 26
Theatre. UZ/2010 At the «Top-Art 2010» award ceremony the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan presented the results of the year and announced the names of the best artists and journalists who covered the events in the domain of culture and art of Uzbekistan.

January 28 — February 18, CEH
More than 200 works, including installations and videos, were presented to the viewers by the Lee family of dynasty artists from Tashkent at the exhibition «PaLEEtra» (Palette) organized by the AAU and the Art Exhibitions Directorate. Among the items on display were the lyrical paintings of Alexander Lee; live and spontaneous illustrations for children’s books by Galina Lee; original and curious experiments with texture and possibilities of material by Alexander Doncherovich Lee; Tatiana Lee’s painting, emotional and open, transmitting the varied range of colours and sentiments; and exquisite and fantastic decorative drawings and paintings of Maria Lee-Safi.

Хроника Хроника Хроника Хроника

Хроника February 3-10, the National College of Design
A personal exhibition of the woman artist Nguyen Thi Hien (Vietnam) excited great interest among college students and visitors. The master paints her pictures on plastic boards, using eggshell, small rocks and burlap as auxiliary material. Gold and thick lacquer resemble the technique used in the traditional miniature. Original painting of Nguyen Thi Hien is distinguished by its philosophical content, unusual technique and peculiar disposition

Хроника Хроника February 4-18, CEH
«Memories of our ancestors» was the title of a personal exhibition of Temur Sadulla, organized by the AAU. 26 paintings were dedicated to the life and work of the great poets Alisher Navoi, Zahiritdin Babur, and other prominent figures. Books illustrated by the artist were also put on display.

February 4-28, the House-Museum of Ural Tansykbaev
Цвета родного края Personal exhibition of Anna Gorobtsova «Contemplating the Space» demonstrated 60 paintings on rice paper performed in the style of traditional Korean painting. All of them emanate love and joy expressed through the beauty of nature around us.

February 9-14, the Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture
Цвета родного края International Competition for calligraphers, inspired by the ghazals of Alisher Navoi and dedicated to the 570th anniversary of the great poet, attracted calligraphy masters from the Tashkent Islamic University, the Egyptian Centre for Science and Education at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Uzbekistan, the Japanese fans of the art, amateur calligraphers and everyone willing to take part.
In addition to the contest that involved copying the quatrains, the program also included the presentation of miniatures illustrating the works of Alisher Navoi; there was a display of medieval books and a copy of the unique Osman Koran. The winners and awardees received diplomas and valuable prizes.

Хроника Хроника February 9 — March 1, FAGU
«Legend of Love», the personal exhibition of the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician Nikolai Shin was timed to the anniversary of Alisher Navoi. Each of the 43 paintings and 37 drawings invited viewers to reflect on the life of the great poet, his rich heritage and different interpretations of his literary work.
February 14-16, the Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture

Мелодии Бухары Мелодии Бухары The exhibition of «Boburname» artists participating in the contest dedicated to 528th anniversary of Babur displayed miniatures and drawings depicting the image of the famous poet Zakhiriddin Babur and the characters of his poem «Boburname».

Among the 60 participants there are members of the Tashkent Artists Society, the students of the Bekhzad National Institute of Arts and Design, and students of the National College of Design. The winners were awarded prizes and diplomas.

February 22 — March 20, the Museum of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan
Жемчужины ремесленного искусства The exhibition «Handicraft Gems» presented items wrought by traditional master-craftsmen: all kinds of weaving — iqat, adras, silk, clothing, skullcaps, etc. The authors of the works are the representatives of the Khunar-San’at Centre that operates at the Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan

February 24 — March 24, FAGU
Spellbound Moment» was the title of the personal exhibition of artist Nikolai Pak, whose artistic talent manifested itself in different kinds of art: graphics and non-traditional ceramics. Visitors were shown 43 drawings, 23 ceramic platters and 21 decorative ceramic compositions. The master’s work is characterized by the spirit of experimentation in the style of expressive abstraction, and by bold colour combinations. Today, Nikolai Park is one of the keepers of «original» drawing technique that, unfortunately, has almost been lost to contemporary art.

February 26 — March 9, Maebashi (Japan), Otsu Gallery
The Land of the Rising Sun hosted a very successful exhibition, «Renowned Artists of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarqand, Bukhara», displaying the works by Alexander Tyurin, Erkin Juraev, Shoirhon Kuzieva, as well as works of art representing the culture and traditions of Uzbekistan. The exhibition was organized by the Gunma Eurasian Club (Japan) and the Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture (Uzbekistan).

The paintings portray subject sketches of everyday life, traditional lifestyle of the villagers and townspeople, scenes of ritual ceremonies associated with Navruz holiday, the monuments of cultural heritage, landscapes, still-life paintings, etc.

March 1-18, CEH
Personal exhibition of the sculptor and graphic artist Bayat Mukhtarov, «The Constellation of Virgin», coincided with the first days of spring. More than thirty items made of stone, metal, wood and glass, some of which had been exhibited before, appeared, having undergone transformations, in a new and unusual aspect. The master brings together sculpture, abstraction and installation into one whole that subordinates the space and reshapes the form.
Ekaterina Lyapina, the sculptor’s student, displayed some of her works at the exhibition, too.

March 3-11, CEH
The traditional exhibition dedicated to the International Women’s Day celebrated on the 8th of March, «The Opening Day in Spring», filled the Exhibition Hall with the atmosphere of love and awakening. Leading artists of Uzbekistan, namely Rimma Gagloeva, Vera Nechaeva, Iskra Shin, Tatiana Lee, Maria Lee-Safi, Dilorom Mamedova, sculptors Marina Borodina and Ludwiga Nesterovich presented their new work. About 200 items — landscapes, portraits, still life paintings, abstract compositions — reflected the world in all its diversity.

March 4-14, UNDP Uzbekistan
The exhibition «Women in Art» dedicated to the International Women’s Day and organized by the AAU and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) presented landscapes, portraits, still-lives and city life sketches created by Uzbek women-artists Iskra Shin, Shoira Kuzieva, Zebo Sharipova, Saira Keltaeva, Shahnoz Abdullayeva, Dilorom Mamedova and Nodira Oripova.

March 4-24, HYPA
Art exhibition «Woman’s Character in the Work of Young Artists» that opened on the eve of the 8th of March presented to the audience about 50 paintings and drawings, as well as eight installations.

Unlike the expositions of the previous years, which displayed only pieces created by young female artists, the organizers — the Forum Foundation and the House of Young People’s Art — invited young men to participate in the exhibition too, which made it possible to compare how the representatives of the opposite sexes expound this eternal theme, presenting it in different genres and perspectives. The items on display are characterized by distinctive vision of the world, sense of colour, and the ability to communicate the inner state of the character portrayed.

March 5-20, THP
An exhibition «No Other Beauty in the World» dedicated to the International Women’s Day marked on the 8th of March presented about 120 works by professional and amateur photographers, including members of the Photographers Section of the Tashkent Artists Society, graduates of the art photography Studio School at the THP, young photographers and amateurs.

The exposition, which was a kind of a photo-sketch of our contemporaries — beautiful and kind, talented and hardworking, strong, loving and loved — shows photos taken by foreign participants of the TashkentAle-2010. Among the many items on display, some were quite unusual, created with innovative techniques of processing, design and printing to highlight unique personality and appeal of the female characters.

March 19 — April 15, CEH
Traditional Crafts Festival organized annually by the Art Exhibitions Directorate celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. In 2011, the Festival marked the 145th anniversary of the famous woodcarver and teacher Usto Suleiman Khojaev, the 140th anniversary of Usto Uzakboy Shermatov, the 135th anniversary of kuzagar master Baba Hoja Mirsalimov, the 105th anniversary of ceramicist and naqqosh (draftsman) of mid-twentieth century Usto Mussa Ismailov, the 115th anniversary of the famous Bukhara toy master Hamro Rakhimova, the 110th anniversary of a Gijduvan ceramist Usto Usman Umarov, and the 105th anniversary of the Denau school representative, ceramics Usto Mirzabadal Khalilov

The exposition showed items from the Art Exhibitions Directorate collection, as well as modern items produced by masters from «Hunarmand» Association. Acronyms: AAU — the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

CEH — the Central Exhibition Hall

FAGU — the Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

THP — the Tashkent House of Photography

HYPA — the House of Young People’s Art

Dinara Shamuhamedova