The Prospects and the Future of Uzbek Photography The Prospects and the Future of Uzbek Photography July 2, THP
Creative and practical conference «The Prospects and the Future of Uzbek Photography» organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan (AAU) and the Ministry of Culture was dedicated to the development of photographic art and its role in the cultural and spiritual life of our country. Presentations were made by photographers already renowned and those who only start on the road of mastering the art of photography.

Sogdiana July 5-18, the Central House of Artists (CHA), Moscow
A personal exhibition «Sogdiana» of Zebiniso Sharipova, member of the Artists’ Union of the AAU, presented 40 paintings by the woman-artist. The exhibition was opened by Masut Fatkulin, Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Confederation of the Artists’ Unions. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

100 Japanese Kimono July 6 — August 6, Central Exhibition Hall (CEH)
In the framework of the «Year of Harmonically Developed Generation» programme, a unique exhibition «100 Japanese Kimono» demonstrated an interesting project intended for young people aspiring to learn about world’s cultural heritage. The opening ceremony was attended by foreign diplomats accredited in Uzbekistan, representatives of artistic community of Tashkent and the media.

The Legends of Afrasiab The Legends of Afrasiab July 14-31, CEH
The personal exhibition of Academician Sharif Asimov «The Legends of Afrasiab» presented a variety of traditional ceramics, reflecting technological specificities of the Kushan plastics and Afrasiab ceramics. The master draws his inspiration from the rich history of Afrasiab, where the original form was determined by the item’s practical function.

Celebration that Stays with You July 15-30, the Tashkent House of Photography (THP)
Photo exhibition «Celebration that Stays with You» turned out to be a kind of account presented by the photographers’ unit of the Artists’ Union of the AAU. It was timed to coincide with the International Photography Day. Main objective of the exhibition is to widely promote different genres and diversity in artistic style of the country’s photography masters. The exhibition displayed the work of famous photographers, such as S. Spiridonov, I. Sodikov, R. Sharipov, W. Schlossberg, S. Kanaki, V. Zhirnov, S. Dehqanov and others, whose works reflect the beauty of their native land, national traditions and values.

Colours of the Native Land Colours of the Native Land August 7-17, CEH
The exhibition «Colours of the Native Land» dedicated to the 19th anniversary of Independent Uzbekistan presented more than thirty works of Karakalpak artists, sculptors and craftsmen. Different in style, colour, shape and sentiment, paintings were created by several generations of artists. Senior and eminent ones began their career in art in 1940s, and the youngest ones already had an opportunity to take part in several international exhibitions. Headdresses, kuroki and national costumes with traditional embroidery made by 7- and 8-grade students were the highlights of the exposition.

Navqiron O'zbekiston 2010 16 August — 16 September, the House of Young People’s Art (HYPA)
The fourth republican festival of traditional and contemporary art «Navqiron O’zbekiston 2010» held by the Forum for Culture and Arts Foundation jointly with the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan welcomed artists, sculptors, designers, photographers and masters of applied art under 35 years of age. The exhibition demonstrated various kinds of pictorial, contemporary and traditional art, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, woodcarving and plaster-carving (ganch), etc. During the festival, master-classes were conducted and presentations of designer projects of the festival participants were made.

Eng Ulug, Eng Aziz August 17 — September 6, CEH
The already traditional exhibition-contest «Eng Ulug, Eng Aziz» presented the works of novice and professional artists working with easel and monumental painting, design and photography. The contest was held under the «Year of Harmonically Developed Generation» programme. The Award ceremony for the winners took place in the National Press-Centre on the 24th of August.

Backstage Tango Backstage Tango August 18-31, THP
«Backstage Tango» was the title of the exhibition showing the works of Argentine photographer Hern?n Lorenzo, dedicated to Argentina’s 200th anniversary. The organizers were the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan together with the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Dear is the One Who Brings Water Dear is the One Who Brings Water August 24 — September 15, Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan
Exhibition titled «Dear is the One Who Brings Water» by the Academician of the AAU, potter usto Sh. Asimov tells a story of the ancient culture of the Uzbek people. It presented traditional types of water vessels — big and small, with intricately shaped handles, made of simple baked clay, and coated with glaze. Azimov who follows the traditions of the Samarqand school of ceramics is a student of the people’s master usto Umar Jurakulov.

Artists about Their Work Artists about Their Work August 25, CEH
There was a presentation of the 5th issue of a book series «Artists about Their Work». This issue gives the floor to Igor Savitsky, Iskander Ikramov, Victor Ufimtsev, Evgeniy Gadetsky, Galina Mordvintseva, and Zuhritdin Islamshikov — the masters of the older generation; we also hear the voices of Akmal Nur, Delus Mursalimov, Davron Mukhitdinov, Akmal Jamalov and others, whose art evolved in the spirit of the 90’s. Young, talented and capable Jamshid Gaipov and Lailo Basharova also tell about their art in the book.

125 Years of Uzbek Photography 125 Years of Uzbek Photography August, Ulan Bator (Mongolia), National Gallery of Modern Art
Mongolia witnessed the great success of the exhibition «125 Years of Uzbek Photography» organized by the Academy of Arts and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan; the exhibition had already visited Russia, China, Japan, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Ukraine. In Ulan Bator the exhibition presented 50 works of Uzbek photographers who worked in different time. During one week the exhibition was visited by many people who highly appreciated it and noted that exhibitions of this kind encourage creative collaboration between those who represent arts and culture in both countries.

Ancient and Eternal Bukhara August 30, Bukhara
On the premises of the Buhoro Madani Markazi Centre a monument called «Ancient and Eternal Bukhara» was inaugurated; this 18-meter high monument was created following the initiative and idea of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, by a famous sculptor, Honoured Artist and Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan I. Jabbarov. The structure combines sound architectural solutions and national traditions inherent to Bukhara. The monument bears the names of great thinkers, imprinted in golden letters: Abu Ali ibn Sino, Narshakhi, Imam Bukhari, Abdukholik Gijduvani, Bahouddin Naqshband, Hoja Orif and others, nurtured by the holy land of Bukhara.

The Silhouettes of Aral September 8-14, THP
«The Silhouettes of Aral» exhibition organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the Asia-Pacific Centre (APCEIU), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, and THP displayed about 80 works by two well-known photographers: Tursun Ali (Uzbekistan) and Sung Nam-Hun (the Republic of Korea). In different years the photographers visited the Aral Sea and recorded an impartial account of the region’s problems in their pictures. The objective of the exposition is not only to state the fact, but also to make people aware of the consequences for the mankind, which can arise due to irresponsible and wasteful human activity. The goal of the exhibition is to strengthening cultural contacts between the two countries.

Silentium September 9-30, Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan (FAGU)
The main criteria at the «Silentium» exhibition were laconism, constructiveness, and, as a consequence, minimalism in the works, demonstrated at the opening day. The curators panel of the exhibition project had in mind the «5 +1» youth group, having slightly modified its composition by including one more artist — Andrea Piechl (a woman-artist from Germany). The exhibition presented installations and paintings.

THP — the Tashkent House of Photography
HYPA — the House of Young People’s Art
FAGU — the Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan
CEH — the Central Exhibition Hall
CAC — the Contemporary Art Centre
NIAD — the National Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Behzad

By Natalya Shagalina