History of Statehood in Uzbekistan History of Statehood in Uzbekistan. In three volumes. V.1. Second half of the II millennium B.C. — 3rd century A.D. The group of authors. / Executive Editors E. V. Rtveladze, D. A. Alimova. Tashkent, 2009.The first volume covers the achievements of domestic and foreign science, and analyses issues related to the emergence, evolution and development of statehood on the territory of Uzbekistan, describing its various institutions.

In Russian language.

Rtveladze, E. V. The Historical Past of Uzbekistan. Second supplemented edition. Tashkent, 2009.The book tells about the history of Uzbekistan from antiquity to mid 19th century and is intended for everyone interested in the historical past of their home country.

In Russian, Uzbek, and Georgian languages in separate volumes.

Rtveladze, E. V.  The Historical Past of Uzbekistan.
Подпоренко Ю. Self-made по-русски, или Сотворивший себя для других Podporenko, Y. ‘Self-Made’ the Russian Way, or The Man Who Created Himself for Others. Masut Fatkulin on the Backdrop of the Era of Change. M., 2009.The book is based on the author’s interviews with Masut Fatkulin, Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Confederation of the Artists Unions, archive materials and conversations with artists from Russia and Uzbekistan. The focus is on the life of a man of determination and original artist during the time of critical change for several generations.

Documentary narration covers the second half of the 20th century and early 21st century and includes the author’s contemplations about that time.

In Russian language.

Ben’kov Pavel Petrovich. 1879-1949 /Compiled by M. Y. Leshchinskaya. M., 2009.The album is dedicated to the prominent Russian artist of the first half of the 20th century, whose art represented a blend of Russian realistic school and Impressionism. Painter Pavel Ben’kov, the graduate of the Petersburg Academy of Arts, is known as one of the founders of contemporary pictorial art of Uzbekistan. The opening article tells readers about Ben’kov’s evolution as artist and the twits of fortune in his life-path.

The works of the master presented in the album have been selected specifically for this publication from Russian and overseas museums and private collections. Many of them have been reproduced for the first time.

In Russian language.

Ben'kov Pavel Petrovich. 1879-1949
Ўзбекистон тасвирий санъати анталогияси Ўзбекистон тасвирий санъати анталогияси (An Anthology of Pictorial Art of Uzbekistan). V.1. / The Project of Tursunali Kuziev. Tashkent, 2009.This fundamental publication in the form of an album is dedicated to the history of pictorial art in Uzbekistan. It presents the works of the 20th and early 21st century artists, many of which are included in the Golden Asset Fund of Uzbekistan’s fine arts. Annexed to the album is «Short Biographies of the Artists» in three languages (Uzbek, Russian, and English), which offers valuable material for researchers.

In Uzbek and English languages.