The exhibition - Artist and Nature The exhibition - Artist and Nature 25 December 2009 — 20 January 2010
Now for the 25th time, the Tashkent House of Photography housed an already traditional exhibition «Artist and Nature». The canvases showed nature in all its infinite diversity. The colourful palette of both already reputable masters, and young talented Uzbek painters represented different style and trends.

14 — 20 January 
The Tashkent House of Photography was a place for exhibition of the 6th class of graduates from «Svetopis» photo-art school-studio founded in 2006 under the THP for the purpose of improving the level of training available to young professional masters of photography. Traditionally, graduation from the studio is marked with the opening of the exhibition of diploma works presented to the critical eye of the visitors.

The Song of Minotaur The Song of Minotaur 20 January — 5 February
The Hall of Young People’s Art housed «The Song of Minotaur» exhibition that displayed painting, drawing and sculpture of Vasiliy Khapov. The exhibition was organized by the «Forum for Culture and Art of Uzbekistan» Foundation and the Hall of Young People’s Art.

In his works, Khapov, abandoning mundane perception of a model, brings in moving romanticism. His pictures are filled with reflexions about human relationships and their metamorphoses. His works are profoundly confessional, revealing some of the artist’s carefully coded private life.

The VI traditional exhibition of the full members of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan 23 — 31 January
The VI traditional exhibition of the full members of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan was organized at the Tashkent House of Photography. It put on display over a hundred pieces created by academician artists, including painting, drawing and specimens representing traditional schools of ceramics and crafts.

Staying true to their style and chosen themes, the renowned masters demonstrated their new works characterized by highly VI традиционная The exhibition действительных членов Академии художеств Узбекистанаprofessional workmanship and adherence to the traditions of the national painting school.

The exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ivan Yenin The exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ivan Yenin 28 January -28 February
The Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan held an exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ivan Yenin (1929-1991), displaying only a small part of the artist’s heritage. Yenin belonged to the «third» generation of Uzbekistan artists and was among those whose artistic development took place entirely on the local ground.

In 1960s the artist mastered water-colour and soon overcame the power of habitual pictorial and compositional techniques of easel painting. And that was the moment of his stardom. He focused his keen eye on nature, trusting it and learning from it. Sometimes he appeared to be dissolved in nature himself, becoming just a small particle of the universe.

10 — 18 February
The Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan housed a photo exhibition titled «Jam Session: America’s Jazz Ambassadors Embrace the World», organized together with the Embassy of the United States of America.

The exhibition displayed a collection of photographs and historical documents dedicated to the history of jazz, made available for the exhibition by the archive of Smithsonian Institute, university libraries, and museums.

The  exhibition  of artist Radik Azizov 12 — 26 February
An exhibition in the Tashkent House of Photography demonstrated paintings and drawings of artist Radik Azizov on different subjects — mythology, philosophy, history, and literature. Distinctive features of Azizov’s works are brightness, decorativeness, compositional laconism, and daring choice of stylistic variations.

The  exhibition of Nizamiddin Khalikov 13 — 27 February
The Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture hosted a personal exhibition of Nizamiddin Khalikov, the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, marking his 70th anniversary. The exhibition displayed about fifty works of this renowned master. His paintings show fabulous and legendary characters from folklore and oral tradition, and his drawings feature lyrical characters pictured in a scenic natural environment. As one gets to know the artist’s work, one may feel that it invokes the best of what there is in a human being, and helps to have a better insight into man’s inner world.

The exhibition: The Full Moon 14 — 21 February
The Tashkent House of Photography hosted a joint exhibition of artists Vladimir Burmakin and Faina Yunusova, titled «The Full Moon» and dedicated to the Year of Harmoniously Developed Generation. The teacher and his student, in a creative tandem, paint the picture of the universe, which is based on fantasy, young enthusiasm and the master’s experience.

The exhibition проекта: Sensus The exhibition проекта: Sensus 19 February — 19 March
The Fine Arts Gallery housed an exhibition of the «Sensus» project created by the 5+1 group of artists. The project was authored by Gayane Umerova. The exhibition was organized by the «Forum for Culture and Art of Uzbekistan» Foundation and the Fine Arts Gallery.

The Sensus project For the third time the 5+1 group of artists (Diyor Razikov, Sherzod Rajamov, Nigora Sharafkhojaeva, Sanjar Jabbarov and Nuriddin Rasulov) create a project under the influence of European post-modernism.

The «Sensus» project dwells thematically in sensualism — one of the branches of epistemology, the fundamental principle of which is the sensational form of cognition: «There is nothing in the mind that would not exist in senses». Objects presented by the artists in installations, video-art and painting determine the key stylistic parameters and typological specificity of the project.

2 — 10 March
The exhibition of the author’s project by Madina Aripova «Madonnas, Angels, Beauties» held at the Tashkent House of Photography presented a collection of photo-postcards and photographs by renowned and unknown photographers of the past and present, showing images of women living on the verge of the 20th century. The works reflect complicated collisions of the epoch that brought dramatic changes to the women’s lives in the East and West.

The exhibition: The Opening Day in Springtime The exhibition: The Opening Day in Springtime 2 — 10 March
The Tashkent House of Photography hosted a traditional exhibition, «The Opening Day in Springtime», dedicated to the International Women’s Day celebrated on the 8th of March. The exhibition displayed the new works of lead woman-painters of Uzbekistan I. Shin, T. Lee, L. Sadykova and D. Mamedova; graphic artists G. Sultanova and A. Chaplenko; sculptors M. Borodina and L. Nesterovich. Uniquely and vividly, their works reflect the diversity of this world.

The exhibition: The Opening Day in Springtime The cherry in the pie were the works of D. Urazaev, V. Burmakin and J. Umarbekov, featuring familiar and yet mysterious female images.

In the framework of the Opening Day two personal exhibitions were organized: painting of Diana Matevosyan and decorative sculpture of Lyudmila Kozlova. The themes of Matevosyan’s works are different: portraits, still-life paintings, landscapes… They reflect many aspects of creativity of this enthusiastic painter. Many of her works are based on biblical subjects.

The works by Kozlova show an unparalleled individuality of her imagery. They are filled with romanticism and lyricism, an insight into philosophic essence of existence, and love for the world around.

Natalya Shagalina