Akbar Abdullaevich Khakimov

This year Akbar Abdullaevich Khakimov, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, art critic and lead expert in the history and theory of fine and decorative-applied art of Uzbekistan, turns 60.

For many years, the work of Akbar Khakimov has been linked to the Academic Research Institute of Art History of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan — one of the oldest academic institutions in the country, where he worked as head of decorative-applied art division and then led the Institute for a number of years. Khakimov also saw the founding of the Academy of Arts, working in the capacity of Chief Academic Secretary between 1997 and 2005, and supervising activities of the Institute, the National Institute of Art and Design named after Behzad and vocational education institutions of the Academy. Khakimov made a significant contribution to the establishment of «SAN’AT» Journal, the only title in the region featuring articles in three languages — Uzbek, Russian and English, which substantially broadens its distribution range.

Khakimov authored a number of monographs and over 200 articles and other publications on matters related to the history of art and contemporary artistic process in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries. For a number of years Akbar Khakimov has represented the country at different international academic forums with presentations and reports, promoting the art of Uzbekistan abroad. Meanwhile, the scholar gives a lot of attention to the organization of various international academic forums in our republic.

Educating academic force is another aspect of Khakimov’s activity. Under his guidance many art historians defended their doctoral degree theses. Essentially, the entire academic staff currently working in the domain of fine and decorative-applied art studies are his students. Professor of the National Institute of Art and Design named after Behzad, Khakimov works with students a lot. Not limiting himself to giving lectures and seminars, the gifted pedagogue initiates student conferences, which serve as good academic schooling for the future art critics.

Broad recognition of the scholar’s active position is proved by his joint projects with international organizations. For instance, for a number of years Akbar Khakimov collaborated with UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan as leader of Baysun Academic Team and President of the Baysun Foundation that was created in recognition of the fact that UNESCO declared the region to be the Masterpiece of oral tradition and non-material heritage. His talent was also manifest in organising and running a number of large-scale academic events. Under his direct leadership, together with Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, significant projects were implemented, gathering the country’s best academic and creative resources at a round table; namely «The Art of Uzbekistan at the Present Stage of Socio-Cultural Development» (2006), «Clip and Video Art: Language Stratigraphy» (2006), and «The Art of Uzbekistan: Identity Dynamics» (2007). Khakimov is a curator of a number of art exhibitions which became remarkable events in the cultural life not only domestically, but also abroad. He also manages a number of fundamental and applied public grant programmes of the Academic Research Institute of Art History.

The journal editors wholeheartedly congratulate Akbar Khakimov with his anniversary and wish him good health and new creative achievements.