The exhibition - Hidden Japan April 9-18
The exhibition «Hidden Japan» held in the THP displayed over 80 works by Yahagi Kijuro, a photo-artist from Japan and a lead expert on contemporary Japanese graphic design, whose works are kept in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. To have an insight into a true Japanese nature and character, the author travelled twenty thousand kilometres all over Japan, and pictures he took during his tour constituted the collection called «Hidden Japan». Pieces presented at the exhibition were selected from that very collection.

April 21-25
The Fine Arts Week 2009 Annual festival called «The Fine Arts Week 2009» was held in the CEH of the AAU. Every day of the Week young artists demonstrated their works; master-classes were conducted and films demonstrated. Prize- and diploma-winners were awarded valuable gifts. As part of «The Fine Arts Week 2009» the THP housed an exhibition «Architecture in Epoch and Time» displaying photos of renowned masters from Uzbekistan. Many-faced architecture, such as domes and minarets of medieval Islamic buildings, ceremonial mazar, and contemporary industrial giants were the objects reflected in the photo-studies of the exposition.

April 22-25
As part of «The Fine Arts Week 2009» the CEH of the AAU hosted personal exhibition of Murad Umarov, a well-known painter and graphic artist from Andijan. The exhibition titled «Land like Paradise» displaying about 50 items was scheduled to mark the 55th anniversary of the artist.

The exhibition -  The Uzbek Square

May 6-18
The Central House of Artist on Krymskiy Val was a venue for the exhibition showing the works of Uzbekistan artists. «The Uzbek Square» is a joint project of the International Confederation of the Artists’ Unions and the AAU, which demonstrated the works by Alisher Alikulov, Iskra Shin, Valeriy Yenin and Dilus Mirsalimov.

May 7-27
The exhibition of John Mathew - Prival Photographs of a young American photographer John Mathew Schurba were displayed at the exhibition in the THP which the author symbolically called «Prival» [Halt].

May 8-20
Samarqand Museum of History, Architecture and Art housed a photo exhibition titled «Woman in Germany: Finding Commonalities and Understanding Differences». The purpose of the exhibition is to highlight problems that concern German women.

The exhibition of Andijan Regional Museum of Literature and Art

May 14 — June 14
The Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan housed an exhibition of works from the collection of Andijan Regional Museum of Literature and Art and works of Andijan artists. The objective of the exposition is to promote the role of museums — the founts of ethnographic and cultural values.

May 15-30
The THP hosted an exhibition of Slovak photographer Silvia Vatsulikova «The World of People». The author does not employ any high-tech effects of now common computer-aided graphics: the objective universe of a human being is so vivid and original on Vatsulikova’s photos that it does not require artificial decoration.

May 18 — June 10
A retrospective exhibition titled - Poem about the Land of Uzbekistan A retrospective exhibition titled «Poem about the Land of Uzbekistan» dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Honorary Worker of Arts of Uzbekistan, artist P. P. Ben’kov scheduled to mark the celebrations of the International Day of a Museum Worker was held at the CEH of the AAU. The exposition was organized with support from the Science, Culture and Education Committee under the Parliament, the Ministry for Culture and Sports, the Forum for Culture and Art Foundation, the National Television and Radio Company UzA, the National Joint-Stock Company «UzbekKino», the National Commission for UNESCO and UNESCO Office in Tashkent. On the first day of the exhibition about 30 items were demonstrated — each of them is part of the Golden Asset of Uzbekistan.

The exhibition held in the Ikuo Hirayama Caravanserai of Culture and Art

May 20-30
Antique Buddhist rarities and other famous archaeological finds of Uzbekistan were presented at the exhibition held in the Ikuo Hirayama Caravanserai of Culture and Art of the AAU. The exposition of unique archaeological exhibits is the evidence of important discoveries and scientific breakthroughs of global significance.

The exhibition held in the Ikuo Hirayama Caravanserai of Culture and Art

May 26 — June 10
The Tashkent House of Photography housed an exhibition titled «Tashkent Yesterday and Today» dedicated to the 2200th anniversary of the city. By means of photography the exposition reflected political, economic and cultural life of the capital city starting from late 19th century — the time of vibrant development of the art of photography. The pictures bear the record of ancient architectural monuments, numerous parades and manifestations sporting different propaganda slogans of pre- and post-war period.

Exhibition  of Uzbekistan artists  at the Novosibirsk museum of local lore

May 27 — June 10
Exhibition showing works of Uzbekistan artists was held at the Novosibirsk museum of local lore. Uzbekistan artists presented to the Siberian viewer the items of decorative and applied art, including Rishtan ceramics. The exposition also included works by Siberian photographer Artyom Chernov who visited Uzbekistan and presented his own view of its natural landscape, culture and ethnographic appeal of the region through photography. The opening day was sponsored by Novosibirsk culture and education centre «Candle» and art gallery «The Bird of Fortune» from Samarqand.

June 10-24
The Palace of Young People’s Art hosted an exhibition called «The Glow of Silk» displaying embroidery specimens from different schools of Uzbekistan, including the very special ones of Bukhara, Nurata, Samarqand, Shakhrisabz, Tashkent, Surkhandarya and Fergana. The exposition was organized by the Forum for Culture and Art Foundation, «Khunarmand» Association, and the Association of artists, art historians and craftsmen.

June 12-20
Personal exhibition of a renowned Khazakh artist Abduvali Kurganbaev Personal exhibition of a renowned Khazakh artist Abduvali Kurganbaev was held at the Central Exhibition Hall. His works are distinguished by a special style, the sense of colour, the artist’s own vision of the universe, plasticity and inner force.

June 15-25
Photographs by Vera Zemlyanskaya were presented at the Tashkent House of Photography at her personal charity exhibition «Once Seen…» Vivid and emotionally charged works record the beauty of different corners of the world. Photographs from this exhibition will be donated to different charity homes in Tashkent and to the oncology centre in the city of Qarshi.

18 June — 18 July
Paintings performed in pastel technique were presented at the Pastello exhibition at the Fine Arts Gellery of Uzbekistan. Among artists demonstrating their skill in this method are renowned Uzbek painters such as B. Jalal, J. Umarbekov, V. Useinov, V. Kim, S. Kurtjemil and many others. The overview exposition features great variety of themes, genres and techniques.

AAU — The Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
THP — Tashkent House of Photography
CEH — Central Exhibition Hall of the AAU
FAG Uz — Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

Prepared by Louisa Salikhova