January 13-17
Exhibition of Fakhritdin Yakhishev, silver medallist of international children’s contest «The World of Fascinating Colours», took place in the Fine Arts Gallery, with support from the «SANVIKT» Art Centre for the Disabled and the international nongovernmental charity foundation «Soglom Avlod Uchun». Giving preference to landscapes in his work, the artist admires the colourful beauty of his homeland, in the meantime improving his mastery in other fine arts genres, including animalism.

January 16 — February 2
Fyodorov's Constructivism.  Photos of 1930s Unique photographs made in 1934-1937 by F. Fyodorov, a journalist photographer from Tashkent, were displayed at an exhibition «Fyodorov’s Constructivism. Photos of 1930s» held at the Tashkent House of Photography.

A man and a machine, steel structures that changed the environment, and authentic enthusiasm of young construction workers — all that was typical for the art of 1930s when constructivism was perceived as an advanced art style.

In his works «Extending the Encasement», «Brick Factory Chimney», and «Washing Gallery» the author finds constructivist solutions, still giving the key role to the man — the builder who creates this technological abundance.

January 22 — February 5
The works of Uzbek sculptor Bayat Mukhtarov were demonstrated in the Fine Arts Gallery at the exhibition titled «The Unidentified Poetry of Love». Mukhtarov’s art is characterized by the author’s search in the style of avant-guard art at the turn to post-modernism. His sculpture images and compositions are distinguished by freedom of self-expression, experimentalism and unconventional solutions. Mukhtarov implements his ideas in metal, wood and paper.

Anniversary personal exhibition of a renowned sculptor from Uzbekistan Azamat Khatamov February 5-28
Anniversary personal exhibition of a renowned sculptor from Uzbekistan Azamat Khatamov took place at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts, displaying over 60 items of sculpture and painting created by the artist over the last decades.

The works of this author are demonstrated in numerous national and international exhibitions. Besides, these are part of museum assets and private collections in Uzbekistan and over the world.

February 15 — March 15
Exhibition of Actual Art called  - Vertical Line Exhibition of Actual Art called «Vertical Line» was presented by young artists from «5+1» Group in the Fine Arts Gallery. The project objective is to discover skills and talents of the project participants in the framework of now popular contemporary art.

The name of the exhibition largely reflects the content and meaning of installations created by the artists — every one of them has his own interpretation of the «Vertical Line» theme. Despite the fact that all participants had one common goal — to portray a linking element between such philosophic notions as life and death, past and future, Exhibition of Actual Art called  - Vertical LineSky and Earth — each of them developed his own understanding of this symbolic image, employing the diversity of plastic and pictorial solutions for the theme.

February 17 — March 3
Presentation-exhibition of designer projects of the artist Yulia Alagir called «The Mystery of the Sun» was held in the Palace of Young People’s Art with an objective to revive and develop rich cultural heritage of the world’s nations and to find commonality in historical and cultural origins.

The Mystery of the Sun In her work the artist follows a certain concept: to reveal the one single meaning of the Sun symbolism and its impact upon humankind since the time of our forefathers.

February 24 — March 10
Continuity of traditions set by the finest masters of miniature could be seen in the items displayed at the exhibition called «Traditions of Miniature in the Work of Young Artists of Uzbekistan» held in the Palace of Young People’s Art. The project engaged both renowned and young artists of the country for whom the exhibition became the first one in their career. Over a hundred items from the stock of the National Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Bekhzad and the Republican College of Arts reflected the development of miniature in contemporary context.

Personal exhibition of Leonid Markin February 27 — March 5
Personal exhibition of Leonid Markin took place in the Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts. About fifty items of painting, graphic art and miniature reflected passionate and diverse personality of the artist, revealing his multifaceted creative potential and powerful energy charge. In his works the author imaginatively and associatively recreates the most sublime poeticism and subtle lyricism.

February 27 — March 9
The 4th annual photo exhibition called «Uzbekistan, The Heart of Central Asia. The Crossroads of Cultures» took place at the Tashkent House of Photography with support from the «Economic Review» magazine, the Chamber of Commerce of Uzbekistan, UNDP Office and OSCE Mission in Uzbekistan.

According to the rules set by the organizers, only amateur photographers who are not Uzbekistan nationals could participate in the exhibition. The purpose of the exposition was to help the rapprochement of cultures and facilitate mutual understanding among nations with the help of the art of photography.

March 3-16
Anniversary exhibition of the artist Anvar Bakhteev Anniversary exhibition of the artist Anvar Bakhteev held at the Central Exhibition Hall displayed about 100 items. Rethinking the word’s art heritage, the author creates abstract compositions that have a real prototype, in which he expresses his emotional state and his attitude toward the world around with the help of colour and formal compositional devices. His collection features still-life paintings, portraits and thematic compositions that constitute substantial portion of it, reflecting perpetual philosophic themes of good and evil, love and temptation inspired by biblical stories and parables, which reveal the artist’s philosophic viewpoint upon the universe.

The Dialogue exhibition March 4-14
The «Dialogue» exhibition held in the exhibition hall of Mark Weil’s «Ilkhom» Theatre demonstrated paintings by Bobur Ismailov and Timur Akhmedov. Intricate and graceful drawing and fabulous world, refined and accurate knowledge of every detail have been naturally molten into painting and plastic integrity of the canvases created by Bobur Ismailov.

The Dialogue exhibition Timur Akhmedov’s painting is characterized by exquisite shapes, refined decorativeness of its colour implementation, sincere emotions and irony.

March 5-20
The exhibition of works created by woman-artists of Uzbekistan — painting, graphic art, photography and actual art — was held in the Palace of Young People’s Art on the eve of the International Women’s Day. The event engaged artists who are very well known in the country and whose work has already been appreciated by the connoisseurs of art, as well as beginner artists.

Once Again about Love March 5-26
The work of the Uzbek artist Gulzor Sultanova was presented at her personal exhibition titled «Once Again about Love» scheduled to coincide with the celebrations of the International Women’s Day marked on the 8th of March.

Once Again about Love Graphic art and sculpture created by Sultanova reflect the beauty of human relationships, the mystery of the woman’s character, and the many ways in which human feelings and emotions can be interpreted. Her characters show amazing lyricism, individuality, deep emotional charge and varying mood and sentiments.

March 10-26
Personal exhibition of Elena Bondarenko, «The Harmony of the Universe», held in the Fine Arts Gallery presented items that explicitly characterise the art of their author. The exhibition was organized with the assistance from the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ukrainian Cultural Centre «Slavutich» in Uzbekistan.

March 17-27
Exhibition of amateur photographers called «Rural Life in the Mirror» shown at the Tashkent House of Photography was organized with support from the Republican Scientific and Methodological Centre for Folk Art and Culture-related Educational Activities of the The art of a renowned Uzbek painter Rikhsivoy AyupovMinistry for Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, International Charity Foundation «Oltin Meros» (Golden Heritage), the Aksakal Council and Makhalla Foundation. The exposition presented photographs that reflect nation’s spiritual values, centuries-old traditions and rituals, as well as historical past and contemporary life of the village.

March 17-30
The art of a renowned Uzbek painter Rikhsivoy Ayupov was demonstrated at his personal exhibition at the Tashkent House of Photography. The exposition containing 100 items explicitly described the artist’s creative quest, and, most importantly, his aspiration to reflect in his paintings the love for life, for the traditions of his people and for his native land. Welcome, Navruz!

March 20-30
Following a good annual tradition, on the eve of the Navruz spring holiday the Central Exhibition Hall housed an exhibition «Welcome, Navruz!».

Welcome, Navruz! 48 participating artists presented over 120 works glorifying the beauty of nature in springtime, awakening after its winter sleep.

March 31 — April 7
The exhibition called «Teacher and Student» held at the Central Exhibition Hall displayed the works of students that were worth of being shown next to the items wrought by their teachers, in the fine arts genres such as painting, graphic art, sculpture, ceramics, industrial graphic design, interior and fashion design.

Teacher and Student The exhibition was organized with support from the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the Ministry for Higher Education and the National Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Bekhzad.

Prepared by Luisa Salikhova