In the years of Bakhodir Jalal’s artistic maturity and at the moment of his transition from one period in life into another it is important to notice one essential trait of his personality. As mathematicians first create a mental image of a formula, our artist is known for the similar type of thinking. Bakhodir is able to create not merely a prototype of a painting or drawing to be, which others are capable of doing as well; before getting down to work, he creates a metaphysical concept of the piece. The word concept refers to the inner content of a notion, When, in your mind, you abstract the reality and conceptual structure of the universe, what you possess is the concept only — the guiding star in your art and that very conceptual «line into eternity» which the artist himself wrote about.

Avicenna called this type of thinking ‘khayal’, i.e. abstracted idea about an already perceived image. The image ceases to exist in its given-ness, and the artist’s thought trans-mutates, transforming the reality of the image into something else. As a result we can see a new image, abstracted from empiricism, and this, no doubt, is the image and images created by Bakhodir Jalal who knows very well what Transformation is. It was Avicenna who authored the expression «nowhere-land», which is again the result of abstracted metaphysical thinking. We realize that it should not be about a specific perception of artist’s dreams, but about trans-perception, when in monumental compositions we recognize features of the beyond, ultra-mundane, not magical at all, yet supernatural — something that cannot be described within the limits of conventional measurements. This is vita nova — an alien dimension, another reality accessible to few.

«I woke up today, opened my eyes, drewaline into eternity, blending together day and night and the four elements»-
— this is the way the artist characterizes a fundamental aspect of his attitude towards trans-perception of the universe.

Sharif Shukurov

Все перемешалось [Everything confused] В сознании моем. [In my conscience.]
Я живу во сне. [I live in a dream.]
Я живу как все. [I live like everyone else]
Понять я хочу [I want to comprehend]
Все понятное; [Everything comprehensible-.]
Почему сумерки во сне, [Why dusk in a dream,]
Музыка слышна [Music can be heard] У арыка в чайхане. [In a tea-house by the stream.]
Стоп! [Stop!] Шепотом странным, [In a strange whisper,]
Мембранным, [Membranous,] Имя произнес [Somebody said my name…]
Кто-то мое…
Страннъш [Strange]
Мембранным… [Membranous…]
Голубую, [Blue,]
Фиолетовую [Purple]
Увидел странницу манящую
[I saw a beckoning wanderer-woman]
Прозрачную. [Translucent]
Впадины — вместо глаз [Hollows for eyes]
Обтянуты бархатом черным, [Covered with black velvet,]
Переливающим, [Glistening,]
Сверкающим. [Sparkling]
Издавая звук металлический [Producing a metal sound]
Мембранный, [Membranous,]
Из блестящих колец Волной
[From the shining rings, as the Wave]
растворяясь [dissolving]
В сумерках [In the dusk]
Манила. [She beckoned.]
Я живу во сне, [Hive in a dream,]
Понять я хочу [I want to comprehend]
Все понятное. [Everything comprehensible.]
Свет погас [The light is out] В чайхане… [In the tea-house…]

* * *

., .Perhaps in my dreams I saw the fragments of dreams of my previous lives, or possibly the future ones. Ancient books wrote that souls can be incarnated in human form until the man realizes his arrival, his mission upon this earth…
The valley of memory, «breathing life into lost souls». 2005

* * *

…I live and create in one of the heavenly divine corners of our beautiful planet in Uzbekistan where I was born, where I developed and evolved, where I constantly receive a huge charge of energy that is called Inspiration…

* * *

The Song of Revelation

My art throughout all my conscious life
Is a reflection of my elation and inspiration.
It is a reflection of my contemplation
of the streams of radiant light. It is a reflection of cosmic vibrations that coordinate
my atoms and molecules.
It is a hymn to the strength of spirit.
It is a hymn to the energy of motion.
It is a hymn to the mystery of a moment turned
into eternity.
It is a hymn to the power of Love.
And the awareness of Beauty.

Bakhodir Jalal