On the 11th of November, 2007 The Creative Union of Artist of Uzbekistan (Uz CUA) held its meeting in Bukhara. Issues on the agenda were to discuss the results of the work done in 2002-2007 and hear the reports of: an audit committee; the Bukhara Unit of the Uz CUA; and the sections of art history and decorative and applied art. The meeting participants discussed the new membership of the Board and the Presidium and of the Heraldy Council, and approved the membership of committees such as «Remembrance and Honour», «Heritage» and «On Studios». The meeting also addressed the matter of admitting new members — artists and art historians — into the Creative Union. The meeting acknowledged the achievements of prominent masters who received sate awards and honorary titles over that period.

Academician Tursunali Kuziev, the Chairman of the Creative Union, presented a report «On the Activities of the Creative Union of Artists of Uzbekistan Over the Passed Five Years».

Other speakers who also presented reports at the meeting were:
Shukhrat Rashidov, Chairman of the audit committee. He noted that the expenditures of the Creative Union were allocated in accordance with an approved annual plan;

Muzaffar Abdullaev, Chairman of the Bukhara Unit of the Uz CUA, who said that the meeting was a significant event for Bukhara artists, as it was held in Bukhara for the first time. Abdullaev spoke about success stories and shortcomings that were identified in the activity of the Bukhara Unit of the Uz CUA;

Shokhali Shoyakubov, Chairman of the Art History Section, in his presentation advocated the need for further strengthening links between representatives of different kinds of art, where creative relationships have always been productive; Anvar Salijanov, Chairman of the Decorative and Applied Art Section, spoke in detail about stage design work performed by the section members for national holidays.

The meeting confirmed the membership of the «Remembrance and Honour», «Heritage» and «On Studios» committees. Javlon Umarbekov dedicated his presentation to the matter concerning the admission of young artists and art historians into the Creative Union of Artist of Uzbekistan. He emphasized that this year 87 people submitted applications for admission to the Creative Union, which is a significantly larger number compared to the previous years. This year 69 young people of artistic profession were admitted to the Union. Gratifyingly, 24 of them represent Bukhara. Award-giving was one of the items on the meeting’s agenda. The artists received the following awards for their achievements over the passed five years:
Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan for Muzaffar Abdullaev;

Silver Medal of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan for Bakhtiyor Buronov, Bakhrom Gulov, Erkin Juraev and Tura Shomirzaev.
The Diploma of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan for Rakhmon Avezov and Khamro Zairov.
Speakers at the meeting observed that the Creative Union of Artists of Uzbekistan and the meeting Board had been working productively during all previous years. By unanimous voting, all participants re-elected Tursunali Kuziev chairman of the Uz CUA, and Vladimir Burmakin and Sadul-la Abdullaev his deputies.

At the conclusion of the meeting there was a presentation of an album called «Artists about Their Work», the second edition of which appeared in 2007, and a catalogue titled «The Pictorial Art Week».

In his address, Academician Vladimir Burmakin, Deputy Chairman of the Uz CUA and Honorary Artist, noted that the meeting was «a great festive occasion for the Academy of Arts and the Creative Union of Artists that operates under the Academy, primarily because this is the first time when we admit into our ranks such a big number of young, talented artists. This year as many as 69 people entered. It is an indication that a worthy generation of masters has grown up. Situation in the country favours that: in the capital city alone there are three art colleges and the National Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamolitdin Bekhzad. Specialized education facilities also exist in all regions of the country. Here young students learn the secrets of creation and hone their mastery and talent.

Secondly, today we congratulate and honour our creative people, whose work has been deservedly appreciated by the country’s leadership and earned them high national awards. Thirdly, we have presented a unique album titled «Artists about Their Work» (second edition) to which everyone was looking forward. I should mention that artists usually don’t like to tell much about their creative work, and thus the album turned out to be a kind of a revelation given by our masters: it presents the artistic creed of every author. The reader will have an opportunity to look into an artist’s inner world and understand how a particular piece was created. To our delight, this is already the second album of the series. The first one was prepared in 2006. The plan is to publish five albums of this kind, the content of which would provide basis for a historical reference album about Uzbekistan art over its entire history. It will include stories about painters, graphic artists, sculptors and folk artists of our country.

The presentation of the catalogue titled «The Pictorial Art Week» is a clear evidence that the country has a special attitude to art. Pictorial Art Week in Uzbekistan held in April 2007 shall now become a traditional event. This is very important, as our primary objective is to introduce as many people as possible to real big-time art that cultivates spirituality in a man».

Following the official part of the meeting, the participants and guests made a tour around Bukhara, visited chasers’ workshop and took part in the opening of an exhibition of Erkin Juraev, a wonderful artists from Bukhara.
The material is prepared by Nargiza Talipova.