Temur Rahmetov

He was born in 1980 in Tashkent. In 1999 he finished Republican College of Fine Arts. In 2006 he graduated from National Institute of Applied Arts and Design by K. Bihzad, faculty of monumental painting, class of B. Djalalov.

Participation in exhibitions:

  • 1999-Exhibition devoted to anniversary of K. Bihzad
  • 2002 2002, 2004-«Nature and Man»

Temur says that «major criteria and task of creativity is to find own way and own world within our reality, to use intuitive thinking, though another is impossible, if we actually want to create. I try to reflect thin vibration of beauty which surrounds us and to avoid mannerism. Besides that, I am against the idea that an artist must have own manner and style. I think, it is impractical to bind oneself in this way as that limits an artist in his self-realization.
My degree work was «Alexander the Great and Spitamenus», 2004.

This work was implied to be historical, but in a process of working under Bahodir Djalalov’s direction it obtained more philosophy and new symbolical elements such as angels embodying some supreme forces accompanying us in all our matters. The problem of synthesis of the East and West was also reflected in this work».


Hussainbek Nodir

Hussainbek Nodir was born in 1985 in Tashkent. In 2006 he graduated from the faculty of art criticism of National Institute of Applied Arts and Design by K. Bihzad. Besides the major speciality, he is fond of art photo. The young photographer took part in international and republican exhibitions.

Favorite themes of Hussainbek are childhood, youth, seasons, life of creative persons, farmers, steppe and mountain landscapes, in which he aspires to find unexpected compositions. Such his works as «Yasmina», «Dinner in kishlak», «Evening in kishlak», «Bystreet», «Early spring» and «I am glorifying my native land» show the serious approach of young photographer. Motto of Hussainbek is «to live today and think about tomorrow».