April, 5-2O
The exhibition «POPolam» of young talented artist of ceramics Anush Avakyan and jeweler Ulugbeg Kholmuradov was held at CMA. The artists exposed original works showing a high level of contemporary decorative and applied art represented by young artists. (More detailed information can be found in this number of the journal).

April, 6-12
The exhibition — fair of Uzbek ceramics from Rishtan and Russian porcelain of «Gjel» Association was held at GFA Uz. Development and canonization of artistic traditions is one of remarkable features of this exhibition. Both associations showed good competitive capacity.

April, 25 — May, 2
CEH AA Uz hosted the exhibition in honor of meeting of ministers for culture from SHOC’s countries. The opening ceremony was attended by the ministers for culture from SHOC’s countries and chairman of AA Uz T. Kuziev. Among the participants of the exhibition were Kyrgyzstan representing more than forty pictures, Tajikistan which also exposed the works of artists, Russia representing art of quilt sewing, Kazakhstan exhibiting works from wood, leather, metal and others. China exhibited folk painting works from the province of Futzyan. Uzbekistan represented painting and graphic works. The countries-participants also exhibited national jewelry art. Video-art acquainted spectators with the newest achievements in this field of art (please, refer to the article in this number for more detai/ed information).

April, 23 — May, 29
The personal exhibition of famous artist Shahnoz Abdullaeva exposed forty four painting works at the hall of «Ilkhom» theatre. The pictures show images of angels and oriental princesses, filled with unique romantic atmosphere.

May, 13- June, 3
The exhibition of «Myth about Alexander» was held at GFA Uz. It was organized by the Embassy of Italy in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy in Uzbekistan Angelo Persiani, Chairman of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan T. Kuziev attended the opening ceremony. The exhibition was opened by Academician AS Uz E. Rtveladze. The exhibition reflected the idealized image of the great commander and gave opportunity to see wonderful works from museum collections of Italy — more than 60 photo reproductions on canvas, paper and in mosaics and antique heritage of Uzbekistan. The program of the exhibition included the conference devoted to the 45th-anniversary of Uzbek Art Critic Expedition at Fine Arts Scientific Research Institute of AA Uz. The conference was participated by famous archeologists, historians and art critics from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Italy.

May, 24 — June, 4
The personal exhibition of the famous artist, Academician of AA Uz Sagdullah Abdullaev at CEH AA Uz exposed about one hundred painting and graphic works in historical, landscape and portrait genres.

May, 25 — June, 15
CMA hosted the exhibition of Rishtan ceramics produced by national masters from «Hunarmand» Association. Among exhibits were works by ceramic master Rustam Usmanov and photographer Lyalya Kuznetsova. The art photo, perfectly harmonized with ceramics, showed the world of ceramic masters. Rishtan ceramic art has centuries-old history. To preserve ancient traditions and to adapt and make alive is one of the primary goals of the artists.

May, 26 — June, 10
CEH hosted the exhibition of Karakalpak artists devoted to catastrophe of Aral Sea. Photographs, media-installation and video-art works were exposed alongside with painting. Using opportunities of video-art, artists told about the history of the sea and people living beside (for more details, please refer to the article in this number of journal). The personal exhibition of Abdunabi Mamadaliev at GFA Uz exposed sixty painting and graphic works of the artist who glorifies the nature of native Kashkadarya region, in particular, Shahrisabz. Nostalgia and touching sorrow involves spectators looking at the works of this master.

June, 3-23
BGFA Uz hosted the personal exhibition of artist Rustam Hudaiberganov who exposed more than fifty, mainly early, works done in a realistic style. The historical pictures looked very monumental. Portrait and landscape genres occupy an important place in the collection of the artist.

June, 21 — July, 27
The personal exhibition of the famous artist of Uzbekistan Vladimir An was held at CEH. The exposition included about forty works in different genres and themes. Portraits of famous persons of Uzbekistan and Korea and landscapes showed artistic talent and realistic manner of the artist.

June, 16 — July, 1
CMA hosted the personal exhibition of photographer Dmitry Alexandrovich Mihailov. The exhibition covered all diapason of his interests in art of photo and photo journalism. He if any man does can catch culminate moment of competitions and their winners. Portraits of scientists and artists were also exposed. More than 130 works were represented at the exhibition.

June, 27 — July, 21
The personal exhibition of Temurgalib Djamalutdinov was held at CEH. It represented graphic and painting works. Especial place belonged to portraits where the artist perfectly reflected inward and feelings of his characters


  • AA Uz — the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
  • CEH — Central Exhibition Hall
  • CMA — Central of Modern Art
  • THPh — Tashkent House of Photograph
  • DAE — Direction of Arts Exhibitions
  • GFA Uz — Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan


Luiza Salihova