Fall is going. 2004. Canvas, oil

Narghiz Alimova was born in 1982 in Tashkent, in the family of musicians. In 2001 she finished Republican Art College, Faculty of fashion design. In 2005 she graduated from National Institute of Arts and Design by K. Bihzad, Faculty of theatre decoration. She participated in many student exhibitions. Her pictures were exposed at exhibition «Artist and Nature» (February, 2004), at youth exhibitions «Kaleidoscope» which were held in memorial House-Museum of U. Tansykbaev (March, 2005 and March, 2006) and at collective exhibition in Central Museum of Army RUz (August, 2005)..

«This is a period when I study the world, nature, people and myself. I try to give a subject not as something independent, but within the air of moment and to fix this moment in works. Synthesis of different styles is close to me. I pay much attention to color.

Bukhara bazaars at sunrise.
2005. Canvas, oil

I have a bent for change, taking all sides of art. Like any artist who wants to make the world better in works, I would like to cause kindness and love for the world in hearts of my spectators».

Pomegranate symphony. 2004. Canvas, oil