January, 26 — February, 7

CMA hosted the anniversary exhibition and conversazione of Doctor of art criticism, honored figure of arts of Uzbekistan, Professor, Academician of AA Uz R.H. Taktash dated to the 80lh-anniversary.

February, 8 — February, 18

The exhibition in CEH was devoted to Alisher Navoi’s 565th-anniversary, Kamaleddin Bihzad’s 551sl-anmversary and Zahiriddin Babur’s 523rcl-anmversary. The exposition included pictures of Uzbek famous artists along with young miniaturists devoted to life and art of great historical persons. The scientific conference was in program of the exhibition.

February, 14 — March, 13

The personal exhibition of one of the best sculptors of Uzbekistan of Azamat Hatamov in GFA Uz represented sculptural and graphic works of the artist.

February, 16 — March, 10

Artist A. Bahteev exposed the collection of his pictures at CEH. The works express abstract and surrealistic world vision of the artist. The exposition included about two hundred painting works.

February 17 — March, 10

CMA hosted the personal exhibition of Sergey Abaturov devoted to Year of mercy and medical profession. About thirty graphic works expressed relation of the artist to eternal laws of life, issues of philosophy and religion. Many his works have elements of sacral geometry, our universe is based on.

February, 17 — March, 12

GFA Uz represented the original exhibition — acquaintance with young artists. There were works of such painters, as D. Izentaev, T. Chub, T. Fadeeva, G. Ibraghimov, FAhmadaliev and others.

February, 24 — March, 13

CMA hosted the personal exhibition of G. Baimatov devoted to his 60lh-anniversary. The exhibition exposed more than seventy painting and graphic works of the artist. (Detailed information on the artist is given in this number of journal above).

March, 3-15

CMA exposed more than fifty works of artist Lyudmila Sadykova. There .were portraits, landscapes, still-lives and memoirs, the artist created by means of painting.

March, 10-22

CEH hosted the exhibition of sisters — artists Feruza and Lailo Basharovs from the well-known artistic dynasty of Basharovs.

March, 20

GFA Uz opened five exhibitions simultaneously: «Avant-guarde from the collection of State museum of Arts by I. V. Savitsky», «Art of National artist of Uzbekistan Ural Tansykbaev», » Traditions and modernity in art of Uzbekistan young artists», «Uzbekistan Masters of the 20th century» and «Culture and traditions of Kazakhstan in art of Uzbek artists of the 20th century».


AA Uz — the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
CEH — Central Exhibition Hall
CMA — Center of Modern Art
THPh — Tashkent House of Photograph
DAE — Direction of Art Exhibitions
GFA Uz — Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan

Prepared by Louise Salihova