Young art critics actively study art of Uzbekistan that is equally important for art criticism and general ethic education of the youth. High educational establishments and academic research institutes including Scientific Research Institute of Fine Arts train professional art critics.

Young teachers and post-graduates from National Institute of Arts and Design by K. Bihzad, Institute of Arts by M. Uigur, State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, Institute of Culture by A. Kadyri and many other colleges study art criticism. They became participants of Conference “Art of Uzbekistan: traditions and transformation” that demonstrated today’s potential of national science and art education.

The conference started on December 12, 2005 at the building of Central Council of public youth organization “Kamolot”. On December 13, different sections continued working at Scientific Research Institute of Fine Arts. The participants noted that young scientists are active in art criticism and often demonstrate new approaches to historical and modern art processes running in Uzbekistan.

The conference aimed to study and scientific analysis of different problems and topical issues of art and culture. Young scholars spoke about their scientific ideas and concepts, changed opinions in different fields of art criticism.

The conference became a significant event for young art critics. Their reports proved again that the youth is interested much in contemporary trends of fine and applied arts, architecture, theatre, TV and music.

The conference was organized by Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Scientific Research Institute of Fine Arts and Central Council of public youth organization “Kamolot”. Prepared by Dilafruz Kadyrova