Gairat was born in 1980 in the family of artists. His father Lekim Ibraghimov is National Artist of Uzbekistan; his mother is graphic artist Mariam Ibraghimova and the brother Murat Ibraghimov is a graphic artist too.

To choose profession of artist in such family is easy and difficult at the same time. On the one hand, that gives good opportunities to obtain perfect professional skills, on the other hand, the young artist could get under influence of relatives-artists. In this aspect, G. Ibraghimov’s creative searches were hard.

Trinity. 2004

When he studied at Republican Art College, his works bore influence of father’s original style. Education at National Institute of Applied Arts and Design by K. Bihzad helped to overcome that. His teachers were National Artists of Uzbekistan Nemat Kuzybaev and Sabir Rahmetov. Being a student, Gairat took part in international and republican exhibitions. His works were highly estimated at the exhibition in Germany in June, 2001. In 2004 he took part in the exhibition in Austria (Vienna) held at the Embassy of Uzbekistan. Many artists liked his degree work “Tukuvchi kiz” (“Girl-weaver”). It reminds “Girl from Khiva” by P. Benkov, but Gairat accented the color of woven products that emphasized captivating image of the girl-weaver.

Sukok. 2004

2005 was successful for Gairat. In August-September, he and his father Lekim Ibraghimov held the exhibitions, first, in Paris where Gairat attended 2-month course and did numerous sketches of the city, and then in Budapest (Hungary). About sixty pictures of oriental subjects drew great interest in Hungary. Such pictures as “Girl at the door”, “Mosque”, “Sukok”, “Meeting en route” and “Khorezm courtyard” (2004) achieved especial success. They distinguish for original color and compositional solutions.