The conference on: “Conservation/Restoration Problems of the Cultural-Historical Heritage in Central Asia. An Approach to the Development of a Regional Strategy”

has outlined the following issues on the conservation/restoration of cultural heritage in the region of Central Asia:

1. Preservation of cultural heritage in the region and the development of art culture, depend on the solution of the problems concerning the conservation/restoration of artifacts, in the countries of Central Asia.

2. Conservation/Restoration problems, in a contemporary world, must be solved on the basis of a cultural integration of the Central Asian countries.

3. Modern experience, in the sphere of conservation/restoration, represents highly developed and up-to-date scientific knowledge and research in the area of new methods and technologies.

The participants of the International Conference, taking into consideration the above issues, decided to approve the following declaration’s articles:

The establishment of a Regional Restoration Center in Central Asia (Tashkent) for historic/cultural artifacts, which will operate under the supervision of the Academy of Arts.

The aims of the Center are to reveal the actual situation of the museums’ collections needs in Central Asia, and to record the artifacts, which are in great need of conservation and/or restoration.

The Center has to develop a strategy for its aims and activities, defining precisely the stages of operation.

The Center has to create and operate an international scientific and academic network that will provide to the Region specialists, exchange programs, conferences and public awareness campaigns.

Regular international conference devoted to issues of restoration as well as periodical seminars, master-classes and colloquiums on the basis of different museums.