For the 60-th anniversary

The recent state visit of I.A. Karimov, President of Uzbekistan, China has made a new successful step in further development of the Uzbek-Chinese relations. In the course of the visit the heads of the states held a number of meetings; the whole block of bilateral documents on cooperation in various areas has been signed.

The Chinese and Uzbek mass media have been highly specified the visit. But the newspapers have not published one interesting fact.

At the meeting with the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the CPR Li Chjao Sin presented the Head of our state with the copy of the May issue of ‘The English Saloon’ magazine. The magazine published the poem written by the Head of the Foreign Policy Department after his trip to Samarkand included in the cultural program of his recent visit to our country.

Li Chjao Sin fell in love with Uzbekistan and tried to express his sincere warm feelings in the poem. Here is his story.

While seeing the architectural masterpieces of Samarkand and strolling about its old streets, Li Chjao Sin dropped at one of the workshops where the craftsmen were working. There he saw a girl that was intently and graciously weaving the carpet. The impression was so great that on board a plane on the way to Tashkent he wrote the lines that we presenting to you with pleasure:

In digital technology century,
The girl is challenging the time.
Stately and proud she is
When working in silence.
Her delicate skillful fingers
Seem to evoke music from loom.

At the century’s border of Internet,
She’s weaving a carpet by hand;
Her loom is diligently rattling
Connecting threads of centuries with future
By putting patterns into matrix
And beating out time for love and dream in dance.