We would like to acquaint you with  the interview  with S.T. Inamova,  the Chairman of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan


—    Svetlana Tursunkhodjaevna, women played a very important role, sometimes the determining role, in the history of Uzbekistan, in the development of culture and arts in our country. They had to attend to their family matters and housework as is the convention in the East; during these or those periods women actively participated in state administration, architectural monuments were erected upon their orders, great contribution was made by the women in the development of the national poetry and crafts, in particular. What is your vision of the role of the Uzbek woman in today’s history?

—    The words of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, “To value woman means to value life”, is the proof of the policy of the Republic related to the fair half of the humankind as role of women in the society is historically invaluable. Value and respect of a woman is one of the peculiarities of the ancient East. In such spiritual atmosphere Tumaris, Bibihonim, Gulbadanbegim, Nodirabegim, Zebunniso, Uvaisi and Anbar Otin have listed their names in the history of the country and made the pride of our people due to their valor and heroism, high intelligence, tolerance, entrepreneurship, kindness and charity. Time gives birth to new talents. Moreover, today we can be proud of another galaxy of representatives of culture and arts. These are Zulfia, Tamara Khanum, Mukarram Turgunbaeva, Sorahonim Eshonturaeva, Galia Izmailova, Bernara Karieva and many other women that made Uzbekistan famous all over the world.

During the last century, the Uzbek Woman has made her difficult path from liberation of her spiritual awareness to that deserved position she is occupying in the society today. The Woman of the independent Uzbekistan is taking an active part in any field of life: politics, science, culture and education. The Presidential Decree dated 25 March 2004 ‘On Additional Measures to Support the Activity of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan’ is a good proof of this. It has prioritized the cultural and intellectual level of women.

— Enlightenment in the area of culture and arts is one of the most important tasks of our magazine. In this respect, we are sure to have some common points. What kind of work does the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan conduct in the cultural area?

— With a view to raise the cultural level of women, the Committee arranges exhibitions of women-painters of Uzbekistan, organizes concerts and performances of the Tashkent theatres for the women that are in need of social assistance. The exhibitions ‘Menavvar Siimlari’ of the woman-portrait painter Aziza Mamatova and ‘Uzbekiston Hotin-sislar Ijodieti’ of the Uzbekistan women-painters displayed at the State National and Technological Universities serve a good example of what has been said above. In future, the Women’s Committee plans to arrange exhibitions of our women-painters in Russia and in the European countries. We hope that their works will give a lot of pleasure to real connoisseurs of arts. Participation of our women in the International Exhibition ‘Trade and International Cooperation’ organized by the Women’s Consortium of India caused great response. Creative works of women-jewelers and entrepreneurs from Uzbekistan have been highly appreciated.

Significant attention is attached by the Women’s Committee to raising cultural level of common rural laborers. Joint agreement with the Ministry on Cultural Affairs and Sports made the tours of theatrical groups from the capital of the country traditional and countrywide. For instance, the State National Theatre showed its performance ‘Aelgu’ in the Samarkand region and left its population with great impressions. Women in the Bektemir and Sergeli districts of the capital have also enjoyed this performance.
Sizable is the assistance rendered by the Mukimi Musical Theatre and Alisher Navoi Bolshoi State Opera and Ballet House and others for joining women to culture.

The Women’s Committee pays great attention to the enlightenment work. Only last year we sent textbooks and fiction amounting to 10 million Soums to school libraries in the Navoi and Khorezm regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

— Woman and Creation is indeed an inexhaustible topic. The nature itself seems to predetermine the creative mission of Woman. To what extent is the role of women important in the cultural life of the Republic today? 

— It is difficult to overestimate this role. In my opinion, it is the Woman’s optimistic and spiritual look at the world that finds its reflection not only in craft items created by the feminine hands, but in their painting and poetical works either.

The State Prize named after Zulfia established on the initiative of the Head of the State is awarded to the young talented girls for their achievements in education, science, creative work and arts, as well as for active participation in the social life of the Republic. Since 2000, 84 girls, many of them from the rural areas, have been awarded.

Therefore, active support of women’s enthusiasm, encouragement of their intellectual and cultural development, raise of professionalism, strengthening of their social and economic independence within market environment make up the most important condition of growth of women’s social role in the country.

Prepared by Elmira Gyul.