‘Static and Ever Changing Universe’, the personal exhibition of Mukhammadjon Fazilov, an architect, graphic artist, painter and designer, was held in CMA. Over 200 exhibits — paintings, graphics and installations reflecting creation searches of the artist covering a wide range of topics, subjects, problems, images and philosophic meditations were presented for the spectators’ judgment.


The 20th, jubilee exhibition ‘Nature and the Artist’ was held at CEH. Over 80 artists presented results of their creative visits to Sukok, Sidjak, Charvak etc. Abundance of works included pictures of such masters of brush like R. Akhmedov, M. Kagarov, M. Sadikov, I. Shin, Ya. Salpinkidi, N. Khabullaev, F. Gambarova and many others. What can be more harmonious than the Soul of nature and the subtle Soul of an artist? Nothing. Very little, to be exact. Visitors of the exhibition had another chance to make sure of that.


‘Poetry in painting — Painting in poetry’, personal exhibition and poetical soiree of the famous painter Evgeny Melnikov — one of the bright representatives of the generation of the 60-s of the 20th century, took place at CMA. In addition to the impressions produced by the artist’s remarkable pictures filled with the vital energy and rich color, visitors were presented with the first collection of his poems.

8 — 15 January

CEH hosted the exhibition of the Korean and Uzbekistan artists that has already become traditional. The organizers called it «Meeting with the Beautiful» and provided visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with the original creative work of the Korean artists working in modern and traditional manner, and one more time to see the works of the famous Uzbek artists. His Excellency Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Uzbekistan, Mr. Moon Hayong, participated in the opening of the exhibition.

18 January — 6 February

Exhibition of Valery Inin and Victoria Troshina «Winter Novels» at CMA continued the traditional concert-exhibition program «The New Year Kaleidoscope». Fates of these artists are interconnected not only by the years of joint studies but also by their creative likings focused mainly on the landscape. The favorite topic is mountains, although the artists work in different genres.

20 January — 6 February

Personal exhibition of Chari Bekmirov, an artist and pedagogue, took place at CMA. It has presented over 60 works — portraits, landscapes, still-lives, topical compositions, mainly, from the collection of the Arts Exhibitions Directorate and private collections.

1 — 23 February

Personal exhibition commemorating the 70th birth anniversary of the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Muborak Yuldashev, was held at CEH. Visitors saw the huge creative heritage (over 200 works). Many visitors have indeed revealed for themselves the artist’s over-years dedication to historical themes.

4 — 18 February

«Views. Ideas». Such is the name of Valentin Yermakov’s artistic photography exhibition that was held at CMA. During 60 years dedicated to photography, the master has not changed his anxious attitude to a favorite matter and tenacious view of the professional. The participant of numerous contests and opening days, the master managing practically all genres of photographic art, he has demonstrated various sides of his creative work at this exhibition.

15 February — 10 March

The exhibition «Uzbekistan Masters of Water Color» representing the cycle «Our Heritage» commemorating two artists — the 100th anniversary of Grigiri Romanovich Shevyakov and the 80th anniversary of Grigori Ivanovich Chiganov — took place at CMA. Their works are kept in the collections of the State Museum of Arts, Arts Exhibitions Directorate, regional museums and picture galleries of Uzbekistan, Russia and private collections.

25 February — 10 March

Works of the famous masters of the Uzbek fine arts M. Arinin, P. Benkov, N. Karakhan, N. Kashina, Z. Kovalevskaya, S. Kolybanov, A. Nikolaev, U.Tansykbaev, V. Fadeev and K. Cherpakov were shown at CMA at the exhibition «Contemporaries of the Century» representing the cycle «Our Heritage». Visitors have got another chance to see their favorite pictures of the famous painters.

4 — 22 March

The exhibition «Unknown Penson» dedicated to a world known master of photography Max Penson organized with the support of the Swiss Embassy was held at CMA. It presented a big collection of photographs of 1920 — 1950. A certified painter and a graphic artist, M. Penson, devoted all his life to the favorite activity — photographs capturing the real chronicle of life of the Uzbek people. Life in all its manifestations and historical records has been captured by his works filled with dynamism and lyricism.

His Excellency Ambassador of Switzerland to Uzbekistan, Mr. Peter Burkhard attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

10 — 20 March

«Spring time» — this name the artist Tatyana Lee has given to her personal exhibition held at the international ‘Caravanserai of Culture’. T.Lee’s works are well known as she has participated in many exhibitions; her goal is to create easily and without embarrassment, to carry Love, Kindness and Light from heart to heart. The joyful, open and kindhearted character of the artist is in this.

7 — 22 March

«Woman — Goddess — Muse» is the name of the exhibition devoted to the International Women’s Day held at CEH. It presented 150 pictures — all about the women and dedicated to women. There were the works of female artists of the 30-s- 50-s of the 20th century — Sh. Khasanova, Y. Korowai, N. Kashina, Z. Kovalevskaya and works of our contemporaries — L. Salimdjanova, F. Gambarova, I. Vasileva and many others. Men also presented their canvases about women.

12 — 28 March

The exhibition «Contemporaries of the Century» representing the cycle «Our Heritage» was held at CMA. It was dedicated to the creative work of Laslo Reves. A Hungarian by birth, he studied at the Italian Academy of Arts, came to Uzbekistan during World War I and spent all the rest life here. L. Reves’s works are kept in the funds of the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan.

18 March — 17 April

The Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan at the exhibition «Cultural Oasis in Karakalpakstan» showed the works of 26 artists of the 20th-30th years of the past century from the collection of the State Museum of Arts of Karakalpakstan. It was organized by the society ‘Friends of the Nukus Museum’, Karakalpakstan Museum of Arts named after Savitsky and the Fine Arts Gallery of the Republic.


  • AA Uz — the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
  • CEH — Central Exhibition Hall
  • CMA — Center of Modern Art
  • THPh — Tashkent House of Phototograph
  • AED — Art Exhibitions Direction